360 Mobiles Sends Frying Pan As invite For N7 Launch

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu is the Chinese smartphone company that usually surprises us with its unusual invites, but it appears 360 Mobiles has joined them. The manufacturer has started sending out invites for the launch of its next N-series smartphone called the 360 Mobiles N7 and it isn’t what you’d expect.

360 Mobiles N7 Invite

According to the source, 360 Mobiles sent a skillet/frying pan as the invite for their next event. The frying pan has the date of the launch which is 8th of May as well as the tag line engraved on it. There is also a photograph of a chicken holding a frying pan.

The tagline and the photograph are said to be related to the recent popularity of games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is said that 360 Mobiles is teasing the gaming performance of the N7 with the invite.

360 Mobiles N7 Invite

It is not known if the phone will only have impressive specs for gaming or also include a large battery based on the text on the invite. But we are sure some features will be dedicated towards gaming based on a Weibo post from the CEO.

In the post, the CEO responded to another post asking if the company felt threatened by the Mi 6X. He responded by praising the newly launched Xiaomi Mi 6X but revealed that they (360 Mobiles) have paid more attention to the gaming experience of their device.

360 Mobiles N7 Weibo

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The 360 Mobiles N7 is said to be powered by a Snapdragon 636 processor paired with 6GB of RAM. The rest of the specs are still unknown at the moment.

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