Xiaomi Launches the Konjac AI Translator with 14 Languages Supported

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi announced a new product that bothers on language translation at the 2018 Xinnzhiyuan AI Technology Summit  held in Beijing China in March. The product is the Konjac AI Translator manfactured by Xiaomi’s ecological chain company – Banana (Beijing) Technological company. The product is now on sale on the Youpin e-retail platform for just 299 yuan ($47).Konjac Ai translator

The Konjac AI Translator comes with a compact aluminum body coated using the sandblasting process similar to the one used on the Apple MacBook Pro. The device comes with dimensions that makes it no bigger than an MP3 player It has a sturdy and sleek design with rounded corners. It is also lightweight and won’t be bulky to carry around. For operations, there are four physical buttons on the front; two volume control buttons, a button for translation, and another button to listening to your feed. It also comes with a single loudspeaker, a mic, and a USB Type-C port for charging. At last, there is a LED indicator to show the work status as well as remaining power.Konjac AI Translator

In terms of functions, the Xiaomi AI Translator supports simultaneous translation of 14 languages and integrates up to 99% voice system function of Xiao AI. It also integrates the AI translation engine of Microsoft Translation. Unfortunately, apart from English language and Chinese, we don’t know which other languages are supported.

Further, the device is also proficient in more than 47 skills such as playing music, checking the weather, listening to the radio, read out the news and several other assistance services. It can also help the user in learning  foreign languages. The device comes with a 900mAH battery

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Obviously, this product might come in handy for tourists and other persons who are in locationss where a language they understand isn’t spoken. Once again, the Konjac AI translator is priced at just 299 yuan ($47). You can check out the product from the source link below.