Xiaomi Launches Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder For ¥399 (~$62)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Xiaomi’s Mijia platform is home to a lot of products the tech giant or one of its partner companies has made. These products cover a broad range of categories from smart home devices to furniture to toys and even car accessories. Talking about car accessories, Xiaomi has announced a smart rearview mirror with video recording function.

Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder 2

The Mi Smart Rearview Mirror Recorder is sort of a combination of a dash cam, a backup camera, and a rearview mirror. By default, the device doesn’t come with a backup camera but that can be purchased separately and paired with it for those who need it for reversing.

The Mi Smart Rearview Mirror has a 5-inch IPS touch display with a resolution of 854 x 480. It can also be controlled via voice; by saying a simple voice command it will take pictures, start recording (front and rear camera) or switch to backup (reverse) camera mode.

Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder camera specs

The main camera that comes with it is a Sony IMX323 with a 160° field of view and a f/1.8 aperture. The 70mai Backup Camera which is sold separately has a 138° field of view and is IPX7 waterproof. Both cameras can record at the same time and also take pictures at 720p.

The rearview mirror itself has a 470mAh battery which can be recharged via the cigarette lighter port. It supports 16GB to 64GB class 10 microSD cards. The device connects to the Mijia app via Wi-Fi. Recorded videos and photos can be viewed in the app in real time and owners can choose which video or photo they want to save on their phone right from the app.

70Mai Backup Camera
70Mai Backup Camera

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Users don’t have to remove the rearview mirror that comes with their car as the Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder can simply be attached on to it with the aid of included straps.

Both the Mi Rearview Mirror Recorder and 70mai Backup Camera will be available for purchase on June 16 for ¥399 (~$62) and ¥99 (~$15) respectively.

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