Xiaomi Launches the Affordable Petbit Smart Pet Dog Locator & Mi Water Filter Jug

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi has launched a new product, its 204th product under the Youpin (MIJIA) crowdfunding platform. The product is a pet dog locator which comes with a 199 yuan (~$31) price tag. This isn’t the first dog tracker Xiaomi is releasing. There is the Xiaomi Smart Dog Button but this model comes with expanded functions, durability and more battery power.Xiaomi Petbit Pet dog locator

The new product comes with the brand name Petbit and has four major features. One of the features is a 30-day battery life which would ensure that the owner has ample time to locate his lost pet. The device also uses three different location services. One of them is the Global Positioning System (GPS) and also the Beidou Navigation System which works in China and even globally. The pet locator also uses the Baidu Wi-Fi hotspot for tracking services. With these three location services, it will likely be easier to locate the pet or dog faster.Xiaomi Petbit Pet dog locator

In other aspects, the Petbit pet dog locator is waterproof and will remain functional if the pet gets into the water. The device is also a fitness tracker for your pet as it counts the number of steps the dog has taken. Dogs need regular exercises and what better way to keep track if your pet is getting enough. The device can be connected to a smartphone app which displays the tracking data. The app can be used to generate lost dog notification, perhaps with reward offer, in order for anyone who finds the pet to return it easily. The information can be accessed by scanning the barcode on the Petbit locator’s surface and by so doing, the finder can contact the owner. The barcode flashes blue light which is supposed to attract the finder.

The Petbit pet dog locator is presently on crowdfunding and the response has been overwhelming. The product will ship on July 24 in China.

Xiaomi Mi Water Filter Jug

Xiaomi also released the Mi Filter Jub for water purification and it is an ultra-affordable gadget priced at just 99 yuan (~$15). The Mi Water filter jug is said to have the capability to effectively remove residual chlorine and reduce heavy metals from water. Xiaomi Mi Water Filter Jug

The water filter is manufactured using food-grade AS material and can effectively complete the filtration process of a jug of water in just 5 minutes. The device comes with an LED display light which shows the lifespan of the filter cartridge so users will know when it is due for a change. It comes with a dimension of 149 x 210 x 250mm while the jug’s volume capacity is 2L. The filter element adopts a three-layer filter design. A high-performance activated carbon and ion exchange resin is selected to utilize the principle of gravity penetration to effectively remove residual chlorine and reduce harmful substances such as scale and heavy metals. Among them, volatile phenols can be filtered 99%, chloroform 91%, carbon tetrachloride filtration 81%, residual chlorine filter 90%.Xiaomi Mi Water Filter Jug

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Water Filter Jug adopts a 360° influent flow channel design, allowing the filter media to be fully utilized, avoiding partial influx resulting in inadequate filter media usage.Xiaomi Mi Water Filter Jug