Prototype Of Canceled Foldable Samsung Phone Surfaces, Sports A Familiar Design

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One of the trends we expect to see in the phone industry in the coming years is the foldable smartphone. There are a number of top manufacturers like Samsung and Apple that have been developing one for years. However, ZTE, another top manufacturer beat them to it with its Axon M dual-screen foldable phone released last year.

For Samsung, there have been lots of patents and leaks giving us a glimpse of what they are working on, but for the first time, we get to see a live photo, albeit a canceled version of one Samsung’s early prototypes.

While in development, the device was referred to as Project V and its model number was SM-G929F. What is striking about Project V is its design. It is the same type ZTE used for its Axon M. I think we can cut ZTE some slack now.

The device has two screens joined together by a hinge in the middle. The screen on the right is home to the old front-mounted fingerprint scanner pre-Galaxy S8. It also has capacitive navigational and multi-tasking buttons flanking it. At the top is the earpiece, a LED flash, and a camera. This is the only camera on the device.

A picture of the phone from another angle shows us the ports are attached to the screen on the right and it is also home to the device’s battery judging from its thickness. There is a speaker grille, a MicroUSB port, and a 3.5mm audio jack at the bottom. The SIM tray (and probably microSD slot) sits at the top.

There is no info on the specs of the device but some sources have said the phone was in development between 2015 and 2016, so its internals should be similar to Samsung flagships released in those years.

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Samsung is expected to release its foldable smartphone in 2019. However, there are rumors it will have a price tag close to $2000. That sure is a lot for a phone.

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