Samsung Foldable Phone To Have A 3000mAh Or More Flexible Battery

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Samsung SDI is the battery manufacturing arm of the electronics giant. It makes batteries for a wide range of products including phones, electric cars and bikes, vacuum cleaners, and power banks.

Samsung SDI has been working on foldable (or bendable) batteries for years now. About four years ago, a prototype flexible battery it made only had a capacity of 210mAh, which is way too small for a phone.

Samsung SDI batteries

It appears they have been able to make larger foldable batteries. Industry insiders say the company will start mass production of the larger batteries this year. The new batteries are said to have capacities between 3,000mAh to 6,000mAh.

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Since Samsung is expected to launch its foldable phone next year, then it should come with one of the new batteries. The foldable phone will require a large battery since its size when laid out will be similar to that of a tablet.