Buy Tronsmart WC05 Fast Wireless Charger For Only $29.99 On GeekBuying

by Vinay Patel 0

If you’re looking for a fast wireless charger for your smartphone that doesn’t empty your pocket, look no further. The Tronsmart WC05 dual coil fast wireless charger supports a broad range of smartphones including the iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus and the coveted Samsung Galaxy series. It can charge all Qi-enabled phones.

More importantly, the WC05 will not set you back a pretty penny thanks to a considerable 33% discount offered by GeekBuying on the device’s original asking price. The Tronsmart-branded wireless charger normally carries a price tag of $44.53, but the Chinese online store will be selling it at a slashed price of just $29.99 for a limited period of time.

Despite its massively reduced price, the Tronsmart WC05 is quite a powerful wireless charger that provides 7.5W, 10W & 5W output, and delivers optimal charging speed after detecting your devices. It also gives you the freedom to rest your mobile device in vertical and horizontal position based on your convenience.

The WC05 wireless charger is built using premium materials and it features a rear cooling vent that enables stable faster charging, dual coil, non-slip rubberized coating, and a discreet LED indicator. The device comes with a USB Type-C charging port, PCB, and a 65-degree stand pad.

You can follow this link to check out more details and take advantage of the discount before the promo comes to an end in 5 days. GeekBuying is also handing out 2 ports car charger as a free gift with purchase.

Get 33% Off On Tronsmart WC05 Fast Wireless Charger On GeekBuying