Xiaomi launches Mijia Smart Air Conditioner for ¥2199 (~$324)

by Habeeb Onawole 0

About a year ago, Zhumi, one of the brands under Xiaomi’s ecosystem launched an air conditioner. Called the Smartmi DC Inverter Air Conditioner, it launched for ¥4399 (~$649) and is now sold across China. Earlier this week, Xiaomi announced a new smart air conditioner but under its own Mijia brand.

Mijia Smart Air Conditioner

The Mijia Smart Air Conditioner has a similar cuboid design to Zhumi’s but has its LED display in front. The body is made of an anti-UV ABS polymer resin with a matte finish and Xiaomi says it won the 2017 Good Design gold award.

The air conditioner has a 1.5HP DC inverter compressor which is energy efficient. Apart from cooling, the air conditioner also doubles as a heater as it also has a built-in 900W electric heater. For clean and safe air, Xiaomi has installed a washable anti-bacterial filter inside the air conditioner.

The Mijia Smart Air Conditioner has a cooling area capacity of 16m² – 21m² and intermediate cooling power rating of 1700W. Its heating area capacity is given as 18m² – 23m². The air conditioner works with the Mi Home app, so you can set temperatures and cooling times.

Mijia Smart Air Conditioner

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Xiaomi has priced it at ¥2199 (~$324) and is providing a 6-year warranty along with the purchase. At the above price, the Mijia Smart Air Conditioner is still significantly cheaper than Zhimi’s own which now sells for ¥3999 (~$590). Availability of the air conditioner hasn’t been revealed.


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