Buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S At Heavily Discounted Price On GeekBuying [Coupon Codes]

by Vinay Patel 0

Xiaomi is doling out a noteworthy discount on two popular variants of the recently launched Mi Mix 2S smartphone. Aside from that, the Chinese electronics behemoth is giving buyers something more to cheer about in the form of coupons that they can use to get extra discounts.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (6GB RAM+128GB ROM) – White

You’d normally end up shelling out a fortune on a smartphone that offers 6GB of RAM and a hearty 128GB of onboard storage, but this version of the Xiaomi-branded Mi Mix 2S with comparable memory capacity will set you back only $419.99. But that’s not all.

You can extend this 30% reduction in the phone’s original asking price by applying coupon code NZVBLRXM. The coupon helps you save an extra $103 and consequently reduces your already lowered grand total further down to just $418.99.

With just four days remaining for the promo’s end, you can follow this link to take advantage of the discount. The discount will be limited to the white color version of the Mi Mix 2S smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S (6GB RAM+128GB ROM) – Black

Alternatively, you can go for the black-tinted variant of the Mi Mix 2S smartphone which now carries a discounted price tag of $589.99 on GeekBuying. In addition to taking advantage of this 6% discount, you can use coupon code HJCZROWD to save an extra $40 before placing your order.

In other words, you can reduce your grand total to just $559.99 with the help of the aforesaid coupon. On the downside, the promo is slated to end in just 2 days making it imperative for you to follow this link in order to grab the discount.

Get 30% Off On the White Color Version Of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S


Get 6% Off On the Black Color Version Of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S