Buy The Honor Band 4 And Other Top-Branded Smartwatches At Less Than $22.99 On GearBest

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Fitness-related gadgets like smartwatches have been garnering skyrocketing popularity among those who fancy living a healthier and fitter lifestyle. While the market is brimming with all sorts of smartwatches and fitness bands, these devices don’t come cheap.

If you’re in the market for a cost-effective smartwatch bracelet that’s loaded with awe-inspiring features, you’ve come to the right place. As part of its recently kicked-off promo, GearBest is offering top-branded smartwatches at a considerably lowered price.

Dubbed as ‘Health Made Smart,’ the promotion ensures you achieve your fitness goals spending less than $22.99. So without further ado, let’s check out the details.

The Huawei Smart Bracelet section features the Band 2 Pro GPS Sports Smart Bracelet, which you can now buy at a reduced price of $45.99 and the Honor 0.5 inch Bracelet 4 Running Version, which usually sells for $25.87 but can be yours at a dropped price of just $22.99.

The Honor Band 4 Running Version is quite an irresistible smartwatch bracelet that is touted as the toned-down version of the Honor Band 4. Although it boasts relatively fewer features than the Band 4, the Running Edition comes with an enhanced running detection and a slew of other top-notch elements.
Keeping in line with that, it can monitor your step length, cadence, ground contact time, swing angle, eversion excursion, landing impact, and foot strike pattern. Moreover, the Running Edition is water resistant up to 50m and its dimensions are 40.5×14.8×11.2mm and it weighs in at just 6 grams.

If you’d like to explore more options, the Top Seller category is where you should head straight to. This section comprises some of the most popular smartwatches like the Huawei Honor Band 3 that you can buy at a discounted price of just $22.99.

Moreover, the section features the equally well-received Xiaomi AMAZFIT Heart Rate Smartwatch, which would usually set you back a pretty penny but can now be yours if you’re willing to shell out just $95.99. This is a noteworthy 26% reduction in the device’s retail price of $130.
But if you’re interested in checking out the recently launched smartwatches that have gone up for sale carrying discounted price tags, you might want to take a look at the New arrival section. Here you can find newfangled smartwatches like the Mi Band 3, the Lenovo Watch X, the M30 smart bracelet and lots more.

If you’re interested in checking out the rest of the smartwatches that you can buy without emptying your pocket, head straight to this link before the promotion comes to an end.

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