Google Pixel 3 overheating issues while charging is causing it to shut down automatically

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Customers who have purchased the new Google Pixel 3 are claiming that it suffers from overheating issues while charging. Pixel 3 owners have taken to various platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, YouTube and Product Forums by Google to share the overheating problem that they are facing.

Generally, phones tend to become warm while charging, but the issue with Google Pixel 3 is that it overheats to such an extent that it results in its shut down. Pixel 3 users have claimed that the overheating issues can be observed during wired charging as well as wireless charging. However, the issue is more prominent while wireless charging.

The device heats up even more when some sort of action is performed while charging. For instance, carrying out a video call dramatically increase the temperature of the device. However, simpler functions like streaming a video can also cause the Pixel 3 to heat up significantly.

Users who have tried third-party chargers and Google Pixel Stand for charging the Pixel 3 have also claimed to have encountered the same issue. The below image shows that once the temperature of the device rises to a certain point, it shows the “phone is getting warm” message to the user. If the device continues to heat up, the Pixel 3 will automatically shut down to avoid damage. When device gets warmer and warmer while charging, the speed at which it charges also reduces considerably. Some users have claimed that loses battery power while charging when the device becomes too hot.

Pixel 3 Clearly White featured

As of this writing, it is difficult to determine how widespread the issue is. Some users have gone to the extent of applying for a replacement device. Google is yet to release an official statement on the issue. Hopefully, the issue can be resolved through a software update.


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