Test shows the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slider can slide 600,000 times without any issues (Video)

by Jed John 0

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 slider design was one of the major attractions of the flagship model when it was announced last month. The design afforded the Chinese phone manufacturer an opportunity to further trim the bezels around the phone’s display. So the Mi Mix 3 comes with the highest screen to body ratio on any Xiaomi phone. However, the slider design which is somewhat mechanical gave rise to concerns about its durability especially as a result of persistent usage. Fair enough, Xiaomi has assured that the slider is durable and isn’t like the slider technology that was in use in the past. That claim has now been reaffirmed with an independent test carried out to ascertain the durability of the Mi Mix 3 slider.

The slider test is the second one that the Mi Mix 3 has been subjected to. The slider was reported slid 350,000 times in the first test. This one almost doubles the first test at 600,000 times. Even after the milestone has been achieved, the phone was slide vigorously tested hands-on and it still came out unscathed.

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Thus, users are assured that the slider is the least problem they should worry about on the Mi Mix 3. Instead, with such mammoth display, users should be more concerned about not dropping the phone by accident as we are not sure the display screen will survive a single drop.