Display hole tech would be popular next year reveals leakster, sliders in trouble?

by Jed John 0

Any discussion centred on the revolution in the display style of smartphones can’t be complete without mentioning Xiaomi‘s Mi Mix flagship. That doesn’t in anyway take away the efforts of Japanese phone maker Sharp who had given us near bezel-less models even before the trend got caught up like wildfire. We’ve seen the full-screen design evolve from having ultra-thin bezels at the top to house the selfie camera, to the use of notch at the top for the camera and speakers. Lately, OEMs have experimented with waterdrop notch design and the latest is slider design. A source familiar with the industry has hinted that we could see another design style next year.

According to the source, the display hole camera technology will become the mainstream technology that would be used by OEMs in 2019. The tipster shared a couple of renders of the design with the camera sensor lodged in a module that can be at the top centre, top left or right corner of the display.

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The design will give OEMs the leverage to further reduce the bezels that would be at the top edge. We have no idea how the earpiece would be crammed into the phone. Of course, this is just a rumour and should be taken with a pinch of salt. There is no indication that any of the known phone manufacturers are working on models with that design. We won’t entire write it off, though. It took the iPhone X to make the notch design become so popular. If this new design style should get adopted by any of the popular OEMs and comes out impressive, many others would want to catch in on the success.