Meitu MP1801 TENAA images reveal triple front-facing cameras

by Habeeb Onawole 0

A Meitu phone with the model number MP1801 was seen on TENAA a few days ago. Sadly, no images of the phone were provided along with the listing. The page has now been updated with photos which give us a good look at the phone’s design ahead of its official unveiling.

The first thing you notice is the phone’s triple front-facing cameras. The sensors are pretty large and are housed in a notch that is visible when you brighten the photo. There is a sensor flanking the cameras at each side of the phone. Apart from the cameras, the phone’s orange frame is also visible at the top and bottom of the phone.

The image provided of the rear shows the phone is covered in a mix of leather and metal. The leather covering the upper part above the camera seems to be pale pink while that of the lower half is mint green with orange dots trailing the middle. There are also four holes at the bottom – two on each side.

The camera housing is a large hexagon with a metal frame that runs across and connects to the main frame of the phone. The Meitu MP1801 has dual rear cameras and is flanked by dual LEDs on each side. The phone has its volume rocker on the left while the power button along with another button which we believe is a dedicated camera shutter are on the right side.

The listing mentions a fingerprint scanner but there isn’t one on the back or sides of the phone which means it is probably buried under the display.

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According to TENAA, the Meitu MP1801 has a 6.21-inch 2248 x 1080 OLED screen, a 2.6GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB/256GB of storage. The front cameras are a combination of a 12MP, 20MP, and an 8MP sensor while the rear cameras are a primary 12MP sensor and a secondary 8MP sensor. It runs Android Pie and packs a 3,400mAh battery.