LG files trademark application for “Flex”, “Foldi”, “Duplex”, “Bendi” and more

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Recent trademark applications filed by LG may have revealed the names of its upcoming phones including foldable smartphones. The trademarks which were filed last week include Flex, Foldi, Duplex, Bendi, Solid, Solidis, XB, and XF.

LG Flex

All the trademarks belong to class 9 of the Nice classification and are all for smartphones. For some of the trademarks, it is easy to deduce what sort of design the phone will have while for others, not so much.

For example, the LG Flex and LG Foldi phones will have flexible and foldable screens albeit with different designs. Also, the LG Duplex is likely the LG phone with an extendable display. This second display hides behind the primary one and when the user needs more screen estate, it can be pulled out.

LG Duplex with dual displays

LG Bendi is likely another phone with a flexible display but one that doesn’t fold completely. The LG Solid and LG Solidis are rumored to be rugged smartphones that will probably be the first of a new series of LG phones.

LG X Screen
LG X Screen: It has a 4.93” primary screen and a 1.76” always-on second screen above it.

Last comes the LG XB and LG XF. There is an LG X Screen smartphone that was released back in 2016 with a second screen above the primary one, so there is a chance these two are successors.

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LG is expected to show off its foldable smartphone(s) at CES 2019, so there is a high chance it will probably throw more light on these other devices. However, they might not launch until much later and may also be available only in select markets.

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