Samsung’s Twitter handle promotes the Galaxy Note 9 using an iPhone

by Jed John 0

Samsung is presently the top phone manufacturer globally in terms of market share but the company’s fiercest rival is Apple which sits at the second spot but earns more revenue from its phones than Samsung. This rivalry has seen Samsung pitch various ads that try to persuade Apple fans to try out its Android phones. The company has also employed the services of several brand ambassadors in its major markets cutting across several regions. The ambassadors are usually under contracts with a clause that prevents them from being seen in public using the phones of its rivals such as an iPhone.

Who would thought Samsung will be the one that’ll promote Apple products itself? That is what Samsung’s Nigerian Twitter handled just did when a promotional message for the Galaxy Note 9 was posted from an iPhone. Apparently, the persons responsible for managing the official Samsung Nigeria Twitter account didn’t even own the latest Samsung model. The gaffe was soon removed and the account even deleted but not before it was spotted by tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee who got a screenshot.

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Samsung must have realised by now that its fans and even its staff lack the brand loyalty possessed by Apple fans. Earlier last month, the same error was made by Samsung’s Saudi Arabian Twitter feed also posted a similar promotional message last month for the Galaxy Note 9, which also was tweeted using the Twitter for iPhone app. At several times, Samsung’s brand ambassadors have been caught using an Apple iPhone in public. What we can take from all these reports is that the iPhone is usually the preferred brand which explains why the brand still remains the most profitable despite Samsung selling more units annually each year.

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