Huawei 5G tech still trusted by several countries including France and German- China’s Foreign Ministry

by Jed John 0

Huawei has been having an amazing run in the release and sales of its smartphones, bringing in innovations that distinguish its flagship phones from of those of its competitors. But the furore generated by the company’s ban in the U.S still continues to resonate even in other climes. New Zealand and Australia recently announced that they will not be deploying Huawei’s 5G infrastructure due to security concerns. Just recently, Japan was added to the list of countries that won’t deploy Huawei’s 5G technology. However, the Chinese tech giant is undeterred and apparently still has several partners globally to patronise its 5G equipment.5G technology

A recent report covered by Chinese website Globaltimes quotes a spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have revealed that companies from more than 20 countries have signed commercial deals on fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks with Huawei. The comment became necessary after media reports emerged that Japan’s big three telecom operators plan not to use 5G equipment from China’s Huawei and ZTE.

According to Lu Kang, spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Many countries believe Huawei is trustworthy and a partner for cooperation.” The spokesperson was reported to have specifically mentioned Portugal, France and Germany and opined that such examples were enough to show that Huawei is gaining trust from an increasing number of global partners. Beijing has reportedly contacted Tokyo through diplomatic channels to register its objection to discrimination of any of the Chinese companies operating in Japan.

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Huawei recently disclosed that it has invested $600 million on 5G basic research since 2013. The company also stated that it spent  4 billion yuan ($575 million) on developing 5G technology in 2017 alone. Huawei also hinted that it has more than 50 commercial deals for 5G globally. This includes pilot projects consisting of over 100 base stations which have already been set up in Doha, London, and Seoul while over 10,000 5G base stations have been shipped abroad.