Meizu releases Flyme 7 Experience for Meizu 16th series

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu‘s Flyme Experience is a lite version of an upcoming version of Flyme. It is a way for users to experience some new features of the upcoming version rather than opting into a full beta program. If you are on a stable version of Flyme, you can simply download it without going through all the stress associated with beta versions. Another advantage it brings is that users can easily downgrade to their previous Flyme version if they don’t like it or run into issues.

Flyme 7 Experience

Today, Meizu announced Flyme 7 Experience is now available for the Meizu 16th series. So if you own a Meizu 16th or Meizu 16th Plus, you can register to get the update and it will be pushed to your device. Those who manually download it to their device will have to create a backup of their data and wipe the phone before they can install it.

To be able to use Flyme 7 Experience on the Meizu 16th and Meizu 16th Plus, owners have to first update their devices to the latest stable version of Flyme. For the Meizu 16th, this latest version is Flyme while Meizu 16th Plus owners have to be on version

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Some of the features Flyme 7 Experience brings to both phones are an improved gesture navigation, a new icon for Meizu Pay, sets screen record resolution default to 720p, new features for face unlock and fingerprint unlock e.t.c.