Huawei announces that it will now block third-party launchers on EMUI 9

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Most smartphone manufacturers are using their own custom skin on top of the Android operating system. While such custom interfaces introduce new features that are missing in stock Android, not everyone is a fan of the design of the custom skin. For those, the third-party launchers come in handy, allowing them to customize the look.

However, Huawei is now taking a step that will block the third-party launchers on its Android fork EMUI. Huawei has announced through its forums that it will be blocking the use of third-party launchers on EMUI 9.

Huawei EMUI 9

The company is trying to explain this by saying that it received feedback from users who encountered various problems while using third-party launchers. So, the company says that in order to maintain the customer experience, it will block the use of launchers.

Huawei further adds that most third-party launchers come pre-installed with bloatware which in turn affects the phone’s performance. It adds that sometimes, due to high power consumption by such applications, the phone also starts experiencing heating-related issues.

Another issue that the Chinese company is pointing out is advertisements. It says that most third-party launchers are loaded with advertisements, from pop-up ads to background apps, which apart from inconvenience for usage, also poses a privacy risk.


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In light of this, the company says that it has decided that from EMUI 9, users wouldn’t be allowed to set third-party launchers as the default. While it appears that the company is concerned about the users’ data and experience, Huawei has taken an easy way out and is depriving its users of using the feature which is one of the major things that makes Android the most popular mobile operating system.