Oppo establishes a new brand Zhimei for tech and lifestyle products

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Oppo has already managed to establish itself as one of the leading smartphone brands in the Asian markets. The company is also among the top five smartphone vendors across the world. Now, the company is all set to take a step forward.

In order to expand its business and possibly enter new markets, the company has announced that it is establishing a new brand named ‘Zhimei’ which will focus on developing products with new and emerging technologies.

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The company announced that it has officially established an Emerging Mobile Terminal Division and has appointed Liu Bo, the former OPPO Chief Procurement Officer, as OPPO Vice President and President of Emerging Mobile Terminal Division. He will be looking after everything at this new brand and will directly report to Oppo CEO Chen Mingyong.

Making the announcement of this new brand, Oppo CEO Chen Mengyong said that the new brand is for the emerging mobile technologies and will lay out the future plans of Oppo in the 5G era. He also said that with this brand, Oppo is planning to promote entry-level products with smart futuristic technologies.

In line with this, the company will also continue to increase its investment in research and development (R&D) to deepen the integration of new technologies with its hardware and software. The Zhimei brand will also develop AI-based products as well as IoT products.


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The company will be expanding its product portfolio to launch smart mobile accessories such as smart headphones as well as smart lifestyle products like smartwatches. We can also expect the company to launch products focused towards the sports and healthcare market.