GSMA terms Huawei Ban for MWC19 report inaccurate, asks Reuters for rectification

by Simran Singh 0

GSMA, a body that represents the interests of the mobile network operators network has denied any allegations regarding the recent Huawei Ban for MWC19. GSMA is the body which organizes the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, Mobile World Congress. Recently, Reuters reported that GSMA has requested to ban Huawei equipment at the MWC 2019 exhibition. Today, GSMA has responded to it and has said that they have not requested anything like the Reuters reported.


GSMA group has termed the Reuters report as “seriously inaccurate” without any factual knowledge. As an association which represents the mobile communications globally, we are not in a position or has the power to “ban” any supplier. Moreover, they have requested the Reuters to rectify the incorrect content which leads the association to give justification.

Further, the GSMA has said that the board of director’s meeting will be held every year to discuss current topics in the industry. Even the agenda is not finalized, but there will be an overwhelming talk about 5G technologies.

Thanks to timely clarification from GSMA, otherwise MWC 2019 would have become a battlefield between Huawei and GSMA. Huawei is continuously working to bring 5G support among all its devices. The Chinese company is also a global leader providing 5G apparatus to major telecom operators around the world.

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Additionally, many companies are working to bring leading technologies at MWC 2019. Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, LG, and many other manufacturers are believed to come with new devices this month at MWC in Barcelona.

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