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Zophone I5 released before Goophone I5

by Shine Wong 8

So you may have heard of the “Zophone I5” or even the “Goophone I5”. Well recently…Zophone released their iPhone 5 clone with identical specifications as the Goophone I5 rocking the same dimensions as the iPhone 5. Zophone I5 is now the best iPhone 5 clone in the market.

Now here is a little video on of the Zophone I5…


Available for purchase at

Soon at

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  • palis

    i like to buy this phone.please contact [email protected]

  • Hellas

    me too like buy this phone. Please contact [email protected]

  • JayMartinez

    Hi, Any new information & update on the GooPad Mini for $99. Thank you!

  • JayMartinez

    I live in USA, do you deliver to the United States & how much?? Thank you

    • Ilymon Anexonel

      Yes, please visit the website in the post.

  • kirsten

    Where can i buy this phone and how much, i live in the Usa.

    • Ilymon Anexonel

      check the website in the post 🙂

  • Siman

    Please can anybody tell me where i can buy this phone i really want it , not that i live n uk and it has it be under £140 and free shipping , well hope!