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JiaYu G4 specs from AntuTu Benchmark test has been exposure

by Rosgani 9


We have ever covered the JiaYu smartphone lineup before, is now JiaYu is ready to released their new quad-core smartphone products, thats called JiaYU G4.

JiaYU G4 is the quad-core Android smartphone which offer with affordavle price, accroding to the news, the JiaYu G4 will be sold at $160 USD (or around 999 yuan). The recent official announcement saying about the new JiaYu G4 will packs with new User Interface (UI). And now we have a leaked picture of screenshot which show AnTuTu Benchmark test to JiaYu G4 smartphone.

On AnTuTu Benchamrk V3.1, of the test shows the JiaYu G4 smartphone is running about 12200 points, currently known with powered by MTK6589 quad-core chipset.

Appearance on the quad-core phone, everyone understood that the official also spared no effort to reveal the latest progress, JiaYu G4 will have both electric thick / thin electric version, post there 2G RAM high version, allowing users to have more choices.

Several versions in addition to body size, battery capacity and memory specifications, other aspects are almost the same, and will be equipped with the MTK6589 quad-core 1.2GHz processor, sports with 4.7 inches full fit IPS screen, HD 1280 x 720 resolution, and will be equipped with a 13 megapixel main cameras.

Overall, G4 and G3, by virtue of a decent price reachedvery affordable price for quad-core mobile phone market, and G3, G4 regardless of design, hardware configuration significantly improve, in addition to the official also more and more attention user experience, and look forward to see the new JiaYu G4 smartphone.

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  • armut

    JIAYU G4 Basic and JIAYU G4 Advanced ?

    • difference is battery size. 1800mah for basic, 3000mah for advanced.

  • Piero

    is 12251 a good score or a bad score?

    • Micler

      Piero My Samsung Galaxy S2 scores 9 735 with AnTuTu v3.

      • Benja

        Yes, but with stock kernel and rom?? because i scored 10034 with my own kernel and a acura rom with my LG optimus 3D, and in stock it scores 7K with luck.

        Stock s3 scores 12K more or less, its a very very good score on my opinion for that price, very very good.

        • MadRussian

          My Samsung Galaxy S3 produced 16102:) Android 4.2.2 AOKP][Mysterious AOKP Unofficial BIONIC LINARO Nightly

  • the antutu score is about 1gb ram or 2gb ram?? Please clarify..

  • mike

    Thats bad for a phone slow slow slow get a real phone

  • bock

    what the resolution of video record this jiayu G4? 720 or 1080p? it is same with umi x2,it got 1080p.