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Amoi smartphone is powered by MTK6589 Quad-core chipset


Xiaomi, Meizu, Lenovo, Huawei and other well-known domestic manufacturers have launched their own quad-core flagship product, as one of the well-known domestic brands Amoi is unveiled their new quad-core smartphone.

Amoi has unveiled their quad-core smartphonem, this is the flagship smartphne from Amoi. And this products has a simple design, since available in many color for the user.

Unfortunatelym there is no specific configuration yet, but look at the success to the Amoi large V, the latest quad-core products perhaps will continue to follow the MTK smart phone solution, equipped with MTK6589 quad-core or the possibility of relatively large.


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  1. The screen in Amoi is screen of Nokia N9 ( MeeGo ) :D. Can Amoi run MeeGo ?

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