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Goophone Released iPhone 5S Clone Before Apple, Only $99

by Shine Wong 36

goophone i5s

There is some rumors about cheap version iPhone 5S, but Apple will doesn’t confirm it before next generation iPhone unveil. Lots of market analysts think it is necessary to complete with Samsung, the latter provide more option for smartphone buyers. Apple is not so fast as before, before iPhone 5 launching, the China factory already released their iPhone 5 clone, and get patent of appearance, although they never sue Apple with this weapon, maybe it will hurt themselves. Today, something happened again, Goophone released their cheap version iPhone 5S: Goophone i5S, and only $99 for first 1000 buyers by some sellers.

The Goophone i5S has same appearance with iPhone 5, but with low-level hardware: 4 inch oneglass screen, 1GHz MTK MT6577 processor, 512MB RAM, 5-megapixel rear camera, and Android 4.1 OS is installed. This phone has 2 interface: iOS UI and original Android UI. You may switch them easily by a code.

goophone-i5s-1     goophone-i5s-3

Maybe you have doubt about this smartphone, does it work smoothly? How about playing games? Here is hands-on video, you will find how amazing the goophone i5S is.

The Goophone i5S is entry-class smartphone, of course has an incredible price. The listing price is $149.99, but on Android-sale, they will provide a big discount for first 1000 buyers at March 12th, you will get a iPhone 5 clone with $99. Wow, who will be those lucky ones.

Here is the link to buy Goophone i5S:

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  • Cross

    Such nice hardware and price ($99) is getting ruined by that shitty iOS skin.

  • Mano


    Relax…This phone can be worked on. So there is a possibilty that in the future it can be installed a clean JB Version.
    About the skin..we must give credits to them, because you don’t imagine how hard it is to change every stock system apk to become with a iOS look.

  • shomyx

    “This phone has 2 interface: iOS UI and original Android UI. You may switch them easily by a code.” what code please send

  • Naser

    Is it good?

  • Naser

    Shall I buy it?

  • Franky

    Can you get Instagram on it?

    • Skaild

      It is essentially an android phone that looks like the iphone so yes you can run any apps you can normally run on android phones lol.

  • Re-re Flurt Pukeke

    how do i buy this??

  • K!lLer

    where to buy this??

    • lougee

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      • aarron

        what is the cheapest iphone clone you sell???

      • Tony crane

        Can provide me your wed site of iPhone 5s & Samsung galaxy note 3 set? I’m interested to purchase .

      • pinkshera

        Do you have galaxy s5?

      • Rohith Rockzz

        i want the iphone 5c

  • axel

    how do i buy this

  • axel


  • bbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    goooooooooooo mob

  • Bill

    Just buy the Iphone, Not this cheap knock off.

  • ally

    where sim toolkit for mobile banking in this clone

  • rajjab

    hey i want to buy this cell phone because i really like it sr please conatct me i’m very cute boy and my cell number is 00923204116140

  • Jannat Sonie

    how can i buy this phone ?

    • lougee

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  • Costea Alex

    The language is only Chinese?How do I buy this?

  • Nik Anderson

    Can supply these and others, contact for more details

  • Nik Anderson

    Can supply iphone 5-5s clones, samsung galaxy and ipad

  • Sarah

    You buy it on dhgate

  • Tauawhi

    Does the goo iphone 5s have the same software version IOS 7.0.6?

  • Monika Nowak

    how i can bay it email me [email protected] please



  • Da Bacon


  • Gerald Pollard

    im selling one for 99 if yu want to buy it