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Review: The Lenovo Vibe X2

by Frank Tu 0

The Rainbow Layer Design


If anyone remembers the Lenovo Vibe X, Vibe Z, and this year’s Lenovo Golden Warrio S8, they almost look completely alike. This time, however, Lenovo has decided to break tradition for the X2 by following a multi-level layer design.









The so-called “Layer” design refers to the rarely-applied cellphone design that is used for the Lenovo X2. From the side, you can see that the phone’s phrame is divided into four sections (including the screen), each having a different color, resembling a rainbow. The screen is “hanging” above the second section. From the front, it appears that the screen is surrounded by a “rainbow” frame.














The USB port is at the bottom









The X2 has very clear edges and corners. The display screen’s 5-inch size also made the phone’s overall size more suitable. You can pull down the notification menu with just your right thumb. It also has a thickness of 7.27mm.


Magnesium Alloy unibody


       The Lenovo X2 sports a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 display screen. Considering the body’s size, it is not a big screen although 1080p is within industry standards. Overall, these are fair measurements and there is a balance.









5-inch HD screen









Above the screen, we can see the phone’s 5mp front camera. The front of this phone does not carry Lenovo’s logo. Below the screen are three buttons for background lights.

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The power and volume buttons are located at the phone’s right side, and not only is this phone made of metal but follows a laser concentric design. The frame and back are made of magnesium alloy with a fine texture. Because it is a unitary body, the back cannot be taken off. As a result, a dual-SIM dish can be pulled out. It supports micro SIM and nano SIM cards. It also supports TD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, and GSM.

Cg-4V1QekkCIU2WZADPBsb-R4toAAPQoQIA68EAM8HJ259 Cg-4WFQekleIY6laAEImpetjTQgAAPQoQMnzTcAQia9382








The magnesium rear shell went through a meticulous sandblasting process. It does not have any grainy texture. It provides great protection against leaving fingerprints and skidding. The 13mp camera and LED light are located at the upper let side. The phone is powered by a 2300mAh battery.


Vibe UI 2.0


The Lenovo phone X2 uses the Android 4.4.2 OS and its UI is the Vibe UI 2.0. The following illustrates the special features and highlights of this user interface.

Cg-4WFQekomIRg78AAYra0hFuhQAAPQogHmAIMABiuD467 Cg-4WFQekoyISFx0AAnO0Fo7kzkAAPQogIo00gACc7o239 Cg-4V1QekoqIeY8RAAMFsE3oKYUAAPQogIX0VEAAwXI498 Cg-4V1QekpGIEOCbAAhidgDCCKQAAPQogKNyuUACGKO433 Cg-4WFQekpWIBV0TAAUFWhGls4wAAPQogKrcloABQVy900 Cg-4V1QekpaIcSI0AAKZkrmJM-MAAPQogK3M5IAApmq541


















When you swipe your finger upwards at the unlock screen, you can unlock the phone. When you swipe it sideways, you can change the unlock screen’s wallpaper. After unlocking the phone, you can see that the Lenovo X2 cancelled the secondary menu’s design, but still retains the secondary menu’s icons. When you click them, the background picture will not be blurry. When you click the menu button, the theme and wallpaper interface will come out. So many sources can be changed. Some are free, and some are not. The users can choose.

Cg-4V1QekpqIZ8afAASDmtJGTpoAAPQogLVLpMABIOy077 Cg-4V1Qekp6Icrq5AAGmUE-3ohYAAPQogMDmk4AAaZo204 Cg-4V1Qekp-IBlwlAAHQ8ucuVzUAAPQogMG1SkAAdEK359











This year, it has been necessary to add smart motion sensors. The Lenovo Phone X2 offers a selection of mobile sensing functions. For example, when you open your phone, you can press the volume button on the right to also brighten up the screen. Furthermore, you can also take photos quickly. When the screen is black, you can quickly double click the Home button to take photos.

Cg-4WFQekqaIJ2YcAAV9Zpm1ReUAAPQogMmyewABX1-521 Cg-4WFQekqmIUx9cAAL9UdOQOx4AAPQogNfSqUAAv1p114 Cg-4V1QekquIARX8AAOy_RO8IhUAAPQogNixEYAA7MV116











       The Le series apps have a long history and now comes with new features. There are now many third-party apps at the Le store that are available for download, and can also notify the user of updates on security software. Le Security provides anti-hacking protection, system improvements, and a software uninstaller. It is very easy to use.

Super Camera 4.1 software offers high-quality photos


       Next, we will take a look at the Lenovo X2’s camera. Its Super Camera software has now been upgraded to 4.1. How is it?

Cg-4WFQekr2IbuRfAAIgcw1D5ukAAPQowBvLIkAAiCL195 Cg-4WFQekr-IJuUnAAVus20mKOoAAPQowB4KKkABW7L187 Cg-4V1QeksKIDvaYAAw-PND2AvcAAPQowC9WoIADD5U783 Cg-4V1QeksCIFZX1AAODmzypp7AAAPQowCxvgwAA4Oz501 Cg-4WFQeksWIIz5ZABFPXeijuBoAAPQowDbV-cAEU91582


















The biggest change in the Super Camera 4.1 is that it is simpler. Earlier versions had 24 types of filters. Although there was a lot to choose, it was still hard to pick one. The Super Camera 4.1 makes this easy but reducing it to half. This increases the number of uses of 12 filters. As the photos show, these filters may add a special charm to them.

Cg-4WFQek1qIQ0YjAESrtQxkCDcAAPQpQCie_kARKvN960 Cg-4WFQek2GITtClACi56J9Dg10AAPQpQFaEJgAKLoA892 Cg-4WFQek2eIct-gADM4erwcMe8AAPQpQHUsY4AMziS436 Cg-4V1Qekz6IKkBXACpkwS8msOQAAPQpAFrnGkAKmTZ194 Cg-4V1Qek0WISFO3ACpanXL2Oy4AAPQpAHogV8AKlq1592 Cg-4WFQek3KICKxAAChmJuC6sPUAAPQpQKxkVIAKGY-476 Cg-4WFQek3mITIrEACD_eVtKBZgAAPQpQMPYE4AIP-R697 Cg-4V1Qek0mIT0hMAB28idTJIwAAAPQpAKGWrwAHbyh386 Cg-4V1Qek0-IEb0nABuEoJbvvL0AAPQpALI3WkAG4S4263 Cg-4WFQekzWIPwqsABMYYq9e2ncAAPQpACS01kAExh6062 Cg-4WFQekziIchFqABrO9MRyF70AAPQpADoAeEAGs8M910





































       The quality of the photos taken by the X2 is great. They are very clear whether they are taken indoors or outdoors. The colors are also a bit more natural. The closest focal distance is about 8cm, making it impossible to focus if you are too near.


Video and Music


















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This processor has received more than 45000 points in the Antutu 5.0 benchmark test.



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