Guy recieved his Meizu MX4 with no power button!

by Frank Tu 0

Netizen @加哥Chage said in Weibo that the Meizu MX4 phone that he got had no power button and also posted his receipt.


“I did not do this. I did not break my MX phone. But the MX4 that you gave to me is broken. The phone has no power button. Even though something must have gone wrong when it was manufactured, you still released it. I am not mad, just very disappointed.”


From the photo, you can see that the this MX4 has no power button and the sticker at the back has not yet been taken off.


In response, Meizu vice-CEO, Li Nan, said, “I am sorry. We will contact you to return it. Our public relations manager has already sent you a letter. We will also examine any problems at the production line.”