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Xiaomi Mi Note sold out within three minutes!

by Joe 8

 Xiaomi announced the Mi Note flagship device a few days back and its wasn’t surprising to see that both the versions of the phone managed to create a buzz in the market.
The company announced earlier that today at 12 noon in China, the first batch of Xiaomi Mi Note phones would be made available for sale. And just as predicted, all the models were sold out within minutes!
xiaomi mi note sold out
The official Weibo account of the company announced at 12.03 pm i.e. within three minutes into the sale, that the Mi Note got sold out. This is not a new thing for Xiaomi phones as we have seen in the past few months, the company’s flash sales don’t last for more than a few minutes.
However, like always, Xiaomi did not release the number of units that were made available for sale today. But given the market demand, the company must have brought in a large number of units. Yesterday, the company’s Vice President revealed that the reservation for today’s sale exceeded 220 million! So, its not at all surprising to see the phone sold out within several minutes.
However, those who couldn’t get their hands on one, can try out their luck once again on February 3rd, i.e. exactly one week after today’s sale. The company will be selling another batch of Xiaomi Mi Note units on that day.
Remember that this is the regular Mi Note version and not the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro high end model with Snapdragon 810. The Pro version is expected to be available for sale by the end of March 2015.
So, what do you think about the Xiaomi Mi Note? Would you buy this one or the wait for the Pro version till March?
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  • so fast???

  • I just wait for the mi note pro, anyone same?

    • Aman

      Bought Redmi 1S so I can wait for this beast. Got Redmi 1S at 77$ as a deal. Happy waiting 🙂

  • did4skalia

    I’m waiting for something compact, or at least Mi5 which will not be wider than Mi4. & I hope that will have at least Gorilla Glass 4, but I would like to get water resistance too.

    I had SONY xperia z3 & z3 compact in my hands & it was… Meh- plastic, plastic & weird glass :/

  • disow2452

    xiaomi companies do not respect the consumer,i dont like it

  • James Macey

    Unfortunately, neither!

    I think it’s a fabulous looking device and has many plus points, the most of which appeals to me is the HiFi DAC.

    The problem for me is that there is insufficient storage to keep a reasonable ammount of high-quality audio on the device, a microSD slot would have resolved this – I generally carry a little over 100Gb of music round with me on a 128Gb microSD card.
    Had these MI NOTEs included one, I would buy the pro version for me and my wife.

    They include them on devices like the Redmi Note, why not on the higher end devices like the Mi3/Mi4 and MiNote/MiNotePro?

    I will wait and see what the HTC Hima/M9 and Nubia Z9 or X6 replacement are like instead.

    • desponent

      I agree. Drumming ‘HiFi’ while not having support for external storage is one of the dumbest thing they’ve done to this phone.

  • Ethos Evoss

    Guys , huawei P8 and new Mate8 coming..
    Those will be proper beast smartphones!