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Huawei dresses up its full metal Flagship P8 with The OAXIS Ink Case

by Joe 9

Huawei just dropped the bomb in London and everyone is flocking to get a piece of it. It comes as no surprise as we have been teased for months before its unveiling and now we can get our hands on it. At a glance, there is an octa-core CPU with HiSilicon Kirin 930 chip and 3GB RAM under the hood, powerful enough to run 1080 x 1920 pixel 5.2 inch display and a stunning 13MP RGBW rear camera. All this is spectacular but we were really surprised by an additional element and it was not the phone itself.

huawei oaxis ink case

During their London unveiling they also showcased a sleek new accessory that made their phone look extra edgy. The P8 model is dressed up in the tuxedo known as the 4.3″ OAXIS Ink Case. Yes, we are talking about the company that made the ink case plus. The screen is fitted over the back panel of the P8 and is designed to be glare free and has self sustaining power. In fact, it even increases the battery life of the phone itself. The screen is only 4mm thick and has its own independent charging port. To promote this cool accessory, Huawei also collaborated with iReader to bring you an unlimited amount of ebooks from its free trial service.

huawei oaxis ink case 02 huawei oaxis ink case 03 huawei oaxis ink case 04 huawei oaxis ink case 05


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  • “The screen is fitted over the 5.2 inch P8 screen”

    The InkCase goes on the _back_ of the P8, not the front.

  • “The screen is only 4mm thick”

    No, the case is only 4mm thick.

  • “and has its own independent charging port” – Can it still be charged while docked to the phone without having to use a separate cable?

    There’s also the YotaPhone 2, which looks much more elegant than this contraption.

    • No.

      This is actually a smartphone case which adds a secondary E-ink screen. It pairs with the P8 over Bluetooth and doesn’t have any data or power connection to the smartphone.

      • Thanks for the clarification. Yet another device to charge on my table — no thanks.

        • Ethos Evoss

          u just charge phone man

        • Gabriel Lu

          You were provided with false information lol

    • Gabriel Lu

      Yes, it can be charge simultaneously with a single cable.

      However, on the physical aspect; there is a separate battery/IC/PCBA on the “inkcase” itself. It does not drain additional power away from the actual phone battery.

      There IS data connection to the phone via Bluetooth; that how they project the image/notifications from the main screen on to the E Ink screen 🙂

  • Ethos Evoss

    Damn interesting !