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OnePlus 2 Will Come With Dual SIM Dual Standby Support

by Joe 6

OnePlus One was a well balanced device, but it did have some drawbacks. The flagship killer came with a single SIM card slot, which could have been a deal breaker for many. Given that most smartphones come with at least or sometimes even three SIM card slots, limiting to one SIM slot wasn’t a great idea.

oneplus 2 dual sim

But it looks like the OnePlus 2 will feature dual SIM dual standby. The company CEO, Liu Zuohu confirmed on Weibo that the new flagship will support dual SIM card slots. Unfortunately, we still don’t know whether there will be a microSD card slot too. We will even be happy to see a 3 in 2 Micro SIM + Nano SIM/ MicroSD card slot. But we are not sure of that at the moment.

oneplus 2 dual sim card

Almost all the other specs have been confirmed, except for the display size and resolution. The OnePlus 2 will come with Snapdragon 810 v2.1, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 13MP rear camera with laser autofocus, USB Type-C port, fingerprint sensor and a new designed body (probably all metal).

The company will unveil the flagship on July 28, but expect a few more info before the launch. Meanwhile, you can check out all the things we know about the OnePlus 2 from this article. 


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  • markg

    Complete waste of time to launch an outdated phone (SD 810).In 2-3 months Nexus 2015 will be sold with the new SD 820 and with Android M out of the box for the same price and with better specs !Mi5 plus and new phones will come soon as well.

    • jeff

      I think you can’t buy the mi5 before May, 2015

  • markg

    I was talking on the new Mi5 plus with the SD 820 that is coming soon .

    • Yes, as some news from Weibo, the Snapdragon 820 will be available at end of 2015, so I think Xiaomi will release the Mi5 and Mi5 Plus at March next year.

    • In China, the best mobile R&D engineers are not in Xiaomi, but ZTE, OPPO, Vivo, Coolpad and Meizu, Xiaomi is a trading company. 😀

  • markg

    I do believe that in November 2015 we shall be able to buy new phones with SD 820 in them.Starting with the Nexus 5 2015.