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Meizu Pro 6 Rumored To Feature Powerful Ring Flash Tech To Make Night Photography Easy

by Joe 11

Meizu confirmed earlier today that the Pro 6 flagship will launch on April 13, less than a week from today. The phone is going to be one of the most important products for the company in 2016 and naturally, we can expect some great tech on the device. We already know that the phone will feature the new Helio X25 chip as well as 3D Touch like pressure sensitive display. Now, latest rumors reveal that the Pro 6 will feature a powerful ring flash at the back.

meizu pro 6 black version

Thanks to the renders released directly by the company CEO, we know that there was a unique flash setup at the back, with probably a Laser Autofocus at the center.  Now, the rumors state that Pro 6 will come with ring flash tech which will feature 10 flashes. This would really make night time shooting with the device easier.

meizu pro 6

Like mentioned above, there will Laser Autofocus in between which will reportedly be better than traditional ones. The combination of these two will reportedly help the Pro 6 capture impressive night time photos. Unfortunately, as of now, Meizu is yet to confirm such a setup. So, we will have to wait for some official details to confirm it.

meizu pro 6 leak 01
earlier leaked pro 6 image

As for the other specs, the Pro 6 is confirmed to come with Helio X25 chip which is a slightly upgraded version of the Helio X20 chip. The display will be a pressure sensitive one, again confirmed by company VP and will reportedly be better than the ones provided by Huawei. Other possible features of the phone include 4GB of RAM, and 5.2-inch 1080p display.

The Pro 6 launch event is just five days away, so we can expect more details in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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  • balcobomber25

    After the letdown that was the Mi5 and the exorbitant price of the P9 this could be the best Chinese flagship release of the year!

    • Steven Fox

      All depends on the price, doubt that Meizu will keep the price down just because they use a much cheaper chip. I expect this to cost 400$+
      The P9 has the most expensive smartphone camera ever made(and probably the best, waiting for some hands-on time), that’s why it`s so expensive.

      • balcobomber25

        I am still waiting to see just how good the P9 camera is, I use real Leica lenses and they are all excellent so hopefully this one follows. But the P9 would have been expensive regardless of the camera they used. Huawei’s has been charging more and more for their phones over the last few years. The Mate 8 launched for over $500 and up to $750 depending on the model you got.

        As for Meizu the pricing all depends on whether there is an MX6 or not. I have a feeling the Pro 6 is going to be there only flagship line and we will see multiple versions ranging in price from $300-500.

        • Joe

          (2999 Yuan) $460 is what I heard previously, but I’m hoping the base variant will be cheaper than this. Let’s wait and see.

        • illystor

          Seen leaked pricing on an tech news WeChat account I follow, suggests the Pro 6 is gonna be coming in at 2799 like the current entry point for the Pro 5. It doesn’t mean I won’t get it, but at that price it means the P9 or Honor 8 (which can’t be far away) could still prove tempting options. Obviously take it with a grain of salt but generally the information they post is pretty on point.

          • balcobomber25

            2799 would be about $433US, depending what country you live in that is still nearly half the price of the what the P9 is launching for. In South Africa the P9 is launching for around $810, in the UK around $849, when it launches here in the US it will probably be closer to the UK price.

          • illystor

            The thing is I expect the P9’s pricing here in China to at least be within about 1000RMB of that, at which point, for myself just now… it’s something I could stretch that bit further to if there’s a compelling reason

            (I forget if there was concrete info on P9 pricing in China, I know there were some leaks, but last time I checked Huawei’s Chinese site they’d still not got pricing details, just pre-order options)

          • balcobomber25

            I haven’t seen Chinese pricing yet but I would expect it to be from 4500 to 5000 for the base model.

    • Simion Florin

      Yes the Mi5 was a letdown in camera, and battery life, shitty OIS. The P9 is beautiful, but the price is gigantic.

  • bamboo

    I am not sure about camera but i am sure that you will get notifications late 🙂

    • balcobomber25

      Not if it’s anything like the MX5, I have no issues with notifications there.