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Now Get Free VR Headset With A Xiaomi Mi 5 From OPPOMART

by Joe 8

Xiaomi Mi 5 by itself is a pretty good smartphone, featuring one of the best processors in the market today, Snapdragon 820. It is also one of the best value for money flagships in the market right now, starting at just 1999 Yuan in China which comes to around $310. But there are a lot of Xiaomi fans outside of China as well and for them, third party retailers are the best bet. Most have a pretty good markup on the base price, mainly because it’s still hard to get hold of the device, even in China.


Now, OPPOMART is trying to make your purchase of the Xiaomi Mi 5 sweeter, as the retailer is throwing in a free VR headset along with your new flagship. The Mi 5 32GB version is currently in stock and is available for $369. Considering that now you are getting a free VR headset, this turns out to be a good deal.

The VR headset is worth $30 and will be shipped separately after your purchase of the Mi 5. You can check out more details about the deal from the link below.


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  • balcobomber25

    Free VR isn’t enough to entice me to buy that hideous phone and I owned every Mi(#) phone since the 2s.

    • PuiuCS

      i don’t understand. i have both the original redmi and the Mi4 and the MI5 looks great.

      • balcobomber25

        It’s called opinions. You’re opinion the Mi5 looks great, mine it looks like a cheap Samsung knockoff.

        • PuiuCS

          what? you mean iphone right? from the software to physical looks it’s clearly getting inspiration from apple. the camera was moved in the same spot, they also removed the icons on the screen from the right and left touch buttons.
          there is a reason why there are speculations that apple is actually the one controlling xiaomi from behind.
          they did put the rectangle middle button instead of the round one, but that’s pretty much the only similarity i can find.
          besides the fact that i like the look, the rest are things that anybody can see in an objective manner.

          • balcobomber25

            There is no speculation that Apple and Xiaomi have any relation whatsoever, at least not by reputable sources in the Chinese phone industry. Xiaomi is inspired by Apple in a lot of what they do but the design of the Mi5 is much more Samsung esque than iPhone. And Xiaomi used that spot for the camera in the Mi3 and Mi Note so this isn’t something new.

          • PuiuCS

            Besides the rectangle button i see real reason why you would call this samsung-esc. samsung has been going for the rounded screens for it’s top of the line phones. it also has the gorilla glass back panel.
            Mi5 just seems to combine different elements from samsung and apple (mostly from apple). It’s not a bad thing.

          • balcobomber25

            I am talking just the design (and mainly the rear, the fronts look similar on all phones) of the phone not the software. The design is more Samsung than anything else. The rear of the Mi5 was clearly inspired by the S6 Edge.

          • PuiuCS

            i can see that a bit. but… i usually just look at the things that stand out (camera, buttons, sensors, etc). it’s hard to compare smartphones when all them are just rectangles 😛