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OPPO Find 9 Could Release In June With 4K Display

by Joe 7

OPPO seems to be focused on its R9 series flagships for the time being, but we all know that R9 isn’t the true flagship smartphone lineup of the company. OPPO’s Find series have always been the one to bring top-end hardware and innovative software to the public and we are expecting a lot of good things from the OPPO Find 9 phone. However, details about the device seem to be scarce at the moment and the company has showed no sign to confirm that the lineup will be updated this year.


However, that doesn’t stop the leaks and rumors about the Find 9, as the most recent rumors about the phone claim that the device will be announced in June this year. The news comes via some users from China who claim to have recieved info regarding the phone’s release period. However, we still don’t have a specific date. It looks like OPPO is keeping things tight with the Find 9.

Naturally, being a top-end flagship, we can expect powerful hardware inside the OPPO Find 9. Past rumors have revealed that the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset under the hood with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. You should also find OPPO specific features such as Super VOOC fast charging and OPPO’s SmartSensor which comes inbuilt with image stabilization at the sensor level. But these are just some possibilities.


What’s also possible is a 4K display on the top-end version of the OPPO Find 9. Recently, we have seen rumors that OPPO and Lenovo are both planning to launch 4K display phones in 2016 and what better phone to debut this high-end feature than the Find 9.

Given the powerful hardware, don’t expect the phone to be cheap. Rumors say that the pricing could be as high as 3998 Yuan which is a lot (around $616), but still possible considering OPPO’s pricing history.

So, what would be the ideal specs for the Find 9 according to you?


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  • Sam

    I will take any rumor about this phone now. I have been waiting for it for so long.

  • jimberkas

    it will indeed be a sweet phone. but way too spendy. pretty hard to beat the Zuk Z2 Pro

  • Freddy Medina

    With the *just a rumor* specs for $616, I think that’s a really good price compared to other phones that are $800 or higher and still most phones don’t have fast charging (or just getting it) like the find 7 did in 2014!!!!. I’ve been waiting and searching for any leaks. Knowing oppo the wait will be worth it. Hurry up April, May!!!!…. June can’t come soon enough

  • Arnold De Grote

    4K only for vr would be great. Otherwise it is useless and battery drain.

  • Ionut Johnny

    If this will have the best camera on the market I will stretch my belt and buy if it will not cost 800 $ on resellers if it will I have a list:
    Leco Le Max 2, Zuk Z2 Pro, Vernee Apolo, Huawei P9, Gionee s8, One Plus 3, Meizu Pro 6, Meizu Edge, Xiaomi mi5 Pro, OPPO Find 9 Advance edition, Vivo x5 plus extreme edition.

  • Andrew White

    0-100% charge in 15mins negates the need for a large battery. Also even ‘if’ very fast charging shortens battery life overall, I hope it is somehow removable.
    I’m certain that the charger is of the very clever variety.
    If a smaller battery is in fact used, reducing the overall weight. Larger dual speakers and other hardware could be added.
    The length and thickness of the device may also be reduced, increasing the screen to body ratio.
    Running a 4k display would not be an issue either.
    6GB of RAM backed by Qualcomm’s 820 processor with 64GB of on-board storage plus an SD card would seal the deal for me, even if it sold for $650 US. But it needs to made available in quantity outside of China.
    I really hope Oppo makes a lot of money with this one.

  • I love Oppo and I am looking forward to this. The bonus for me is that it’s android powered with an updated firmware.