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Meizu Pro 6 With Exynos 8890 Spotted, Could this be a New Variant?

by Joe 5

Meizu announced the Pro 6 flagship back in April and the phone got mixed response from fans around the world. Some praised the new design and the cheap pricing of the device while some criticized the use of Helio X25 chipset inside. Given that LeEco released the Le 2 Pro variant with Helio X25 for just 1499 yuan ($232), Pro 6 seems like a costly option now. The Meizu flagship starts at 2499 Yuan ($384), almost $150 higher than the Le 2 Pro running on the same chip.

meizu pro 6 exynos 8890 leak

But it looks like the Pro 6 could have a real “Pro” variant, which could take on the top flagships in the market right now. According to a leaked screenshot circulating on the internet, the Meizu Pro 6 flagship was seen running on the Exynos 8890 chipset. Given that Meizu has had a good relationship with Samsung in the past, providing chipsets for a number of Meizu flagships until this year, it is possible that the company decided to use the Samsung’s best chipset yet, the Exynos 8890 inside a powerful variant of the Pro 6. Other features of this variant leaked by the image include 4GB of RAM, 160 grams weight and Android 6.0.

If Meizu is really working on an Exynos 8890 Pro 6 variant, we could see another major upgrade — UFS 2.0 standard. The current version of the Pro 6 had to use eMMC 5.1 storage standard because Mediatek Helio X20 / X25 does not support UFS 2.0. But with a new chip on board, the company could easily upgrade the memory to the new and faster standard.

meizu pro 6 official 02

Unfortunately, this information is derived from a leaked photo online, of which the authenticity cannot be ascertained at the moment. However, we would really like to see an Exynos powered Pro 6 this year, as it would give the new flagship a much-needed power boost.

What do you think? Should Meizu release a Pro 6 variant with Exynos 8890?


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  • Tuk

    Yes, a Exynos 8890 would bring us a power bust but Meizu just use a full HD display and this wont bring us VR!

  • dima

    Yes of course a PRO with Mediatek is not a real PRO

  • Karly Johnston

    This phone is already expensive. Raise the price again and you might as well buy the S7.

  • erictheking87

    Now. If they put a ESS Sabre DAC + TI op-amp, microSD slot, this Exynos 8890 AND WILL STAY WITH 5.2″ design then I will rethink my decision to not give a damn about Meizu anymore.
    Moreover I will seriously consider buying it.

  • Farid Mamedov

    İ think they must change camera to better chip.21 mpx is not better than 16 mpx.Displey must change to 5,5 inc. Exynos 8890 better than Helio x25.And 2560 the battery is not enough minimum 3000.And major thing any indicators about SMS,Watsapp any other сaution light