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Lenovo 1080p IP Camera: Half the Price of Xiaomi’s YI Camera 2

by Habeeb Onawole 6


Lenovo Snowman
Lenovo Snowman

A little while back, a Lenovo Taobao crowdfunding for a 1080P smart surveillance camera was launched for half the price of a Xiaomi YI Camera 2. The Yi Camera 2 is priced at 399 Yuan ($60) with a year of Ali Cloud storage service at 120 Yuan while Lenovo’s smart camera is priced at 199 Yuan ($30) with the same cloud storage service at 180 Yuan.

Lenovo’s smart camera, called Snowman, (you can tell where the idea for the name came from) takes a few design cues from the BB8 droid in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in the sense that the camera is balanced upon a detachable magnetic spherical base. The spherical base allows the camera to be moved around in a complete circle (360°) albeit manually and has a flat base that lets you mount it on walls.

The camera supports 1080P recording at 15fps, has 110° of horizontal viewing angle, 140° of diagonal viewing angle, and has SD card support of up to 128GB.

Lenovo snowman

Other features include a 2MP sensor, 64MB RAM, 16MB ROM,  2-way audio, smart motion detection, automatic recording, phone alerts, and night vision sensor. Power input is 5V 1.5A.  There’s Wi-Fi support with a bunch of security protections as well.

The camera is expected to retail for 289 Yuan ($44) for those who didn’t pledge during the crowdfunding.

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  • Axes

    you’re kidding…how can you compare 15fps fhd webcam with 120fps fhd sports-camera? ..of course it’s half the price of yi2, it should be even cheaper!

    • Beloved Chairman Lei Jun

      My dear, it is not meant the sport camera, it is meant the Xiaoyi Security camera 2

      • Axes

        Ah sure I forgot about the new webcam, but it’s called Xiaomi Yi Home Camera 2 and still it does 25fps in fhd..

  • Wolvie

    Next time if you want to make comparison ,please state the full specs one by one and do then do comparison fairly .

    It is not fair to compare orange with coconut and only state the price is cheaper with this brand so it lead to readers got their perception wrong, this is deceitful and it is not ethical for a reviewers to do this (btw probably the reviewers got paid by the vendor to do this). Try to be as objective as possible and present the true facts.

    Cheap price doesn’t mean cheap if the spec is lower. When i do comparison i always check the full specs and pricing and see if they are truly the same. This is why i always got piss off seeing those premium brands selling at those outrageous prices when their specs are the same (sometimes even lower spec) as the much cheaper brands.

  • Hiwyx

    The real question is does it use a standard protocol or is it locked like the Xiaomi Yi. I have the Xiaomi and it is just useless, I only can use on phone with the official app that was out of service on iOS for almost 3 months. Crash on startup, no internal testing in Xiaomi before they push an update. 3 updates later it is finally back.

    If locked on the proprietary software, it also means you have no choice but to use their own cloud which is obviously something they want as they have a yearly submission, but not something we want if we are savvy and can save images on our own server/nas etc…

  • Hussain

    when I can get this product and
    what is the different between Lenovo and Xiaomi 360 degree panorama 1080p