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Xiaomi Goes Premium: To Make More Expensive and Better Smartphones

by Habeeb Onawole 3



Xiaomi is moving towards premium devices. Hugo Barra, the Vice President of Xiaomi in his own words said ”Customers are demanding for premium phones from us, so we are delivering higher quality with more premium components”.

This new development will see Xiaomi phones take up challengers from Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and LG; and maybe get them back into the top 5. It also further confirms the news that Xiaomi will be releasing a 4000 Yuan ($600) phone this year.

Xiaomi Mi note


Xiaomi’s latest flagship, the Mi 5 has a starting price of  1999 Yuan ($300) for the base version and goes up to 2699 Yuan (about $400)  for the Pro version which has 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM.

While there might be a request for high premium devices, it will be wise if Xiaomi doesn’t stop manufacturing low priced phones with great quality as most of their fans are concentrated at that level. The Redmi 3 Note which sells for between $170 and $200 is an evidence of  their success at that part of the pyramid. And going premium doesn’t equal to sales, you can ask HTC and LG.

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  • wolvie

    My own 2 cents.

    The most convenience price for most average buyers are between $100 – $200.
    For a more demanding and yet budget constrains buyers probably at range $201 – $300
    But again $301 to $350 probably still can consider (depend on what kind of better hardware spec given by the manufacturer)

    For me, anything more expensive than $350 is already consider as premium level price
    My own personal opinion as a regular person who is not loaded.

    • Adam Nazifi

      You are right , its not only you that shares that, if xiaomi goes, another chinese company will rise again

  • Ionut Johnny

    Good step but they already make premium phones, maybe they just want to enter in the spotlights again.