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Xiaomi Targets 1 Million Shipments With Release of Two Mi Notebooks on July 27

by Habeeb Onawole 11

July 27 is a big day for Xiaomi Inc. The company is set to launch a new Redmi phone and their first notebook(s). The launch of the Mi notebook is a pretty big deal for Xiaomi as the success of the notebook will earn them a lot of respect and definitely money.

xiaomi notebook mac pro copy

According to the latest info from supply chain sources, Xiaomi plans to release 2 versions of their Mi Notebook: a 12.5” version that is already in mass production and a 13” version which will be mass produced later by Wistron.

The 12.5” version is said to be targeted at gamers and is expected to have a competitive price point which will help it conquer the market. Further, the sources added that Xiaomi expects shipments of the notebook to reach at least 1 million units.

Mi Notebook Specs

The laptops will have the regular clam-shell design, with the 13” version to feature 8GB of RAM, an intel Core-i7 6500U processor, have a metal build, and run Windows 10. There is still no news on the battery life of the two devices but we expect news regarding that before the final launch.

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Smartphone sales have overtaken PC sales in the last 3 years and companies which are known to be PC manufacturers are now branching out into mobile manufacturing. But that doesn’t mean people are still not purchasing laptops. Let’s hope Xiaomi replicates their mobile phone success in this new sector as well.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    to ALL those FAGGOTS who said this is not for games

    “The 12.5” version is said to be targeted at gamers”

    • Hakim Farouk

      hahaha. I hope they’ll start stocking up though. if it’s around 300$ then i’m getting it for sure.

      • Zenkada

        I think you need to at least double your budged. Xiaomi sells their products cheap, but they can’t make miracles.

        • Hakim Farouk

          True. Probably have to wait a couple of weeks after 1st release to actually get stock

    • Zenkada

      Yeah, you can play on it 2015 games on low settings as they said earlier.

    • balcobomber25

      This laptop really isn’t for games unless you want to play on lower settings. Without a dedicated graphics card they can only do much. There’s also the problem of heat and cooling, laptops like this just don’t have the proper cooling to play games on high settings.

      • Muhammad Yasir

        but there MAY be a GPU … we don’t know yet 😀
        im hoping…

        also , why need cooling when you have an adequate fan and good quality Arctic Silver Thermal Compound ?

        • balcobomber25

          There may be a mobile GPU which isn’t even close to the same as a dedicated graphics card in a desktop.

          Cooling is one of the most important things for a computer when playing games. Games require the CPU and GPU to work at their optimal speeds which produces a lot of heat. In a laptop the compartment is so small there is only so much room for that heat to escape. Thermal gel can help but you are still working with such a confined space. The fan can only be so big because of the size of the laptop. Even most gaming specific laptops have issues with heat and performance degradation after only a few years. The best things for games is either a console (PS4, Xbox One) or a dedicated gaming rig. You can actually get a good gaming rig for cheaper than a good gaming laptop.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            you forgot to consider the fact that i live in Pakistan :’D
            PC components are wayyyy expensive and importing means having to go head-t0-head with the Pakistan Customs dept …. i’d rather wrestle a bear.

            a cheap Mi Laptop with a good mobile GPU (even a 960m … ofc 970m/980m would be sweeet!) would be revolutionary here for the budget and mid-range laptop category and for those who really want to game on a budget.

  • balcobomber25

    Depending on the pricing this might make an awesome Ubuntu machine.

    • Hakim Farouk

      yeah, it does “say expected to have a competitive price point which will help it conquer the market”. If the price is right then should be expecting something good. They did bring quality on a budget to the mobile world tho. high expectation on my end. haha