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Mi Notebook Pictures and Details: Will Feature Core i7 Processor

by Habeeb Onawole 27

One of the devices to be launched on July 27 by Xiaomi will be the Mi Notebook; the second being the 4th Generation Redmi Note. The first time news of a notebook from the Chinese giant surfaced was 7 months ago. While some of the specs in that post have changed, others have remained true.

Mi Notebook

Mi Notebook 2

The Mi Notebook will be available in 2 sizes, viz.: 11 inches and 12.5 inches (13 inches) with the latter confirmed to be a Full HD display although without touchscreen support.

Mi Notebook screen

It will also feature an Intel Skylake U-Series Core i7 processor (Core i7-6500U) clocked at 2.50 GHz (3.0GHz Max). The processor has an integrated GPU called HD Graphics 520 which offers performance in range of a dedicated GeForce 820M. Tests say the GPU will be able to handle 2015 games smoothly although in low settings.

Mi Notebook Specs

The Mi notebook will feature 8GB of RAM and ship with Windows 10. The charger is similar to that of Huawei’s Matebook which uses a USB Type-C with maximum charge power at 65W (20V/3.25A).

mi notebook charger

Xiaomi has applied for two patents with respect to the notebook. One is for an intelligent charging adapter and the other is for a thermal processing method and apparatus.

Xiaomi Patent 1

Xiaomi Patent 2

There is still no information about the prices but we trust it will sure be cheaper than similar products in the market right now.

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  • Ionut Johnny

    1000 $?

    • Muhammad Yasir

      more like $750 …

      • Zenkada

        Yeah, in china maybe even less.

      • Ionut Johnny

        And again that’s too much for an office laptop.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          plot twist : it has better gaming performance πŸ˜€ !

          • Ionut Johnny

            Weak GPU, good CPU but you can play at max fifa 2005. Haha.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            plot twist … i play fifa 14 at max on my i3 and gt230m

            hence proved your love of underestimation :p

          • Ionut Johnny

            I know i’m exaggerating but still if they went for a nvidia 970m and cheap price would’ve been laptop of the year πŸ˜€

          • Muhammad Yasir


  • balcobomber25

    I am very cautious about asking this, but WTF does “cum yield” mean? I hope that it is a really bad translation….

    • Shashank

      thats mean you can access to porn at anytime! lol

    • Muhammad Yasir

      where is it written ?

      • balcobomber25

        Third picture, has a 5 infront of it.

    • tom

      i believe it’s cummulative yield

    • wolvie

      Yeah i saw it too. muahahahahahaha CUM YIELD !!!!

    • Muhammad Yasir

      HAHAHAH … HOLY SHIT πŸ˜€ !

      plot twist : the laptop is a horny bloke

  • Zenkada

    Yeah, i7! We don’t want Atom. And also 8gb and no gpu. This is notebook for me.

    • Muhammad Yasir

      why would you want NO GPU ?!

      • Zenkada

        It cost extra money and since I don’t need it, it is better if I don’t pay for it. No gpu can also save you some power and notebook can be a bit lighter.

        • roni24

          you mean no extra gpu, except the one build-in inside the i7

        • Muhammad Yasir

          i opened my laptop a couple of months ago… the gpu is a small chip , like the CPU. not so big at all… i doubt it adds to the weight.
          yes , it MAY save some power tho…

          its always nice if you have the option of discrete GPU tho…

      • Notebook for work not for games πŸ˜‰

        • Muhammad Yasir

          doesn’t hurt to have the option , eh ?

      • Karly Johnston

        This is an ultra-book, not a gaming rig.

        • Muhammad Yasir

          well damn … Ultrabooks are soo boring then :/

  • Muhammad Yasir

    YAY !
    finally low setting dx11 games i can play all day !

    how about that @balcobomber25:disqus πŸ˜€ ?

  • roni24

    hope it will cost less then 400$, because if it costs more then 500$, you can buy lenovo with i7, or in my case 550$ in the shop next to my house