Xiaomi To Launch a New Product Tomorrow, Could be A 360° Camera

by Habeeb Onawole 1

Xiaomi is on a launch spree. Earlier today, the company’s official Weibo account posted a gif of a spinning ballerina. Part of the text on the image which loosely translates into ”360° Panorama” and ”All angles can be seen” hints at the launch of a 360° camera.

Xiaomi camera teaser

This isn’t the company’s first camera. Xiaomi already has about 5 cameras which include action cameras, home security cameras, and a dash camera; all under the Yi brand name.

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There is already a growing market for 360° content. Media giants YouTube (Google) and Facebook are 2 of the big names that support uploads of 360° videos and photos. And with VR glasses becoming more mainstream and affordable, people will want to find quality cameras which can easily record high quality 360° content.

The launch is expected to take place tomorrow at the Xiaomi Mall.