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Xiaomi Mi Max and Mi 4c Explodes in China

by Habeeb Onawole 8

Unless you are living under a rock, I’m sure you must have heard about the spate of exploding phones happening in recent times. The phone suffering from this is the Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung has issued a compulsory recall. Xiaomi seems to have caught the exploding bug as reports say there have been 2 cases of Xiaomi phones exploding this month.

The first incident involved the large screen phablet, the Mi Max, which exploded while it was charging. The phone was said to be charged with the official travel charger before it exploded and damaged a part of the house.

Xiaomi Mi Max

The second case involved a Mi 4c that exploded while sitting in the back pocket of its owner. The man suffered 3rd degree burns as a result of the explosion. Both phones were said to have been purchased from Xiaomi’s official online store.

Xiaomi Mi 4c
Xiaomi Mi 4c

The company has appointed a 3rd-party organisation to carry out investigations related to both cases and will be offering compensation to affected victims. This is the third Xiaomi phone exploding in 2 months. Back in August we reported a case of a Mi 5 that burst into flames in China.

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While Samsung has issued an official statement faulting an issue with the battery of the Note 7, Xiaomi has not made public the result of their findings. The incident has affected 3 different Xiaomi phones already which means it can happen to any other Xiaomi phone as well. Let’s hope the company issues an official statement before another incident occurs.

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  • Olaf Gilje Sanne

    Hmmm would it be safe to use the mi5s?( You see I don’t want my ass blown up)

    • princetom

      Yea, i will be concerned about my ass too

    • Muhammad Yasir

      hahah … lol

      safe to say , you should ensure your ass … since you’re rich enough to buy the mi5s im sure insurance shouldn’t be a problem for you 😀

      • Mr.Flying Zoom3rz

        exactly lmao =]

    • Karly Johnston

      The battery in my Mi4c has swollen. I won’t be going near Xiaomi again.

  • Weng Zero

    They dont announce to public as they still dont what cause it..unlike Samsung whose blame the battery supplier. And all phonemaker must go through the highest level of inspection and testing to the max of their battery

    • Wolvie

      Actually a lot of Xiaomi phones actually using Samsung batteries.
      So in the end MAYBE the culprit are all the same Samshit batteries LOL

  • leifo

    I think it is the technology of fast charging that can have something to do with it. The dash charging technology that OnePlus using for OnePlus 3 make the charger heating not the battery in the phone.It seams to be a much safer and mbetter technology. I believe it is Oppo how invented it.