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Watch Out: This iPhone 7 Plus Clone From China Looks Like The Real Deal!

by Joe 12

There was a time when China was known for its clones. Usually, these clones looked very similar to the original model, however, when it came to the build quality and performance, they were nowhere near the original ones. But now, things are different, and the manufacturers of these clones have become smarter and more skilled.

iphone 7 clone pink

iPhone is still the most popular brand for clones and the newly launched iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have already been cloned by local manufacturers in China. And the iPhone 7 Plus clone spotted in China is surprisingly very well built and very close to the real iPhone.

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The design of these clones is identical to the real iPhone 7 Plus, including the unique antenna bands and the dual camera setup at the back. Not only that, they also feel quite similar to the original iPhone model. Even the software interface is an immitation of iOS 10, so there is a good chance that you might get confused for a second. However, the Touch ID on board seems to be just for show and do not work. Even the general performance of the iPhone 7 Plus Clone, including its camera is no way near that of the original iPhone 7 Plus model but that is to be expected.

So, check out the images below and the video above and guess which one’s real and which one’s a clone.

(ANSWER: Black is the real iPhone 7 Plus. The one in Rose Gold is an iPhone 7 Plus Clone.)

iphone-7-clone-02 iphone-7-clone-03 iphone-7-clone-04 iphone-7-clone-05 iphone-7-clone-06

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  • Assefa Hanson

    I like to see Chinese clones they always leave a smile on my face when I hear of them

  • balcobomber25

    I actually thought the black one was the clone at first glance

    • Kapil Bhatia

      I also thought the black one is fake. Cloning is certainly an art.

    • bro-reac

      What nooooooo! u mean it is not the clone!!!!
      Talk about someone beating you at your own game on your own turf.
      Then I will not buy an iphone from China if I ever think about it.

  • paulo_Ο Oo

    the new clones now have fingerprint censor and a non clickable button jus like the real one

  • Cherry Pie

    So, do you recommend to buy an iPhone 7 clone?

  • Nero Danty

    what is the kernel version in iphon 7 clon ?

  • ana seijas

    I recently received a clone version like the one in your article.
    I am hopeful to find a way to instal the true iOS software.
    Is that in any way possible?

    • Maaz Iqbal

      from where did u buy it?

    • Marcus Clarke

      i did the same

  • Emma Elzbieta Juarez

    Anyone have a link to the website where i could buy the clone??…because it wasnt added on the article

    • sddsfsdf

      just search up iphone 7/plus clone on amazon