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New iPhone 7 Explodes in Man’s Face While Shooting a Video

by Habeeb Onawole 13

It seems the curse of the exploding phones has spread to Apple. A man who reportedly bought a new iPhone 7 was injured shortly afterwards while he was recording a video with it. According to the man, the phone reportedly disintegrated sending glass flying across his face and causing one of his fingers on his right hand to swell.

iphone-7-explodes iphone-7-explodes-3 iphone-7-explodes-2

While the case of the iPhone 7 is not as rampant as that of Samsung’s Note 7 replacements (up to 5 in just a week), this is just as important because the safety of consumers is paramount.

The man was said to have called Apple’s after sales support who then told him they were not authorised to handle such a case but proceeded to forward the complaint to the headquarters. The man didn’t state where he bought the phone from, however the case is currently under investigation.

Here’s the video about the incident (in Chinese), in case you want to check out.

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Samsung is having it worse as network carriers in the US are starting to halt sales of the Note 7. South Korean News Agency reported earlier today that the company is stopping production.

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  • Rick

    So I see on the pictures an iPhone taken apart, a beaten man and… a “finger” (nice:)) What’s exploded actually?

    • Jeremy Dre

      The rumor

  • Wolvie

    Hmmm it seems that everybody follow either apple or samsung.
    Now every PREMIUM smartphones starting to got special BOMB functions LOL

    • amdc

      there are premium smartphones besides apple and samsung though

      • Wolvie

        Yes i do know but like it or not those 2 damn brands (Apple and Samsung) are the most selling smartphone on this earth planet. So perhaps i can say currently they are the market leader for smartphones. I never like both of them anyway, they always sell their products at very expensive price.

  • Karly Johnston

    The glass exploded into his face? Fake…

    • Wolvie

      Hmmm fake or not ,we don’t know yet. But what is the benefit by doing that to his face ??

      Unless you are one of apple fanboys that die die will defend apple products LOL

      • Karly Johnston

        To get into Apple’s deep pockets? I can think of a million reasons.

      • Robin Ho

        The battery (or the metal plate between the screen and battery) don’t really look like they exploded (or even burned at all).

      • Braja Hari das

        This person could also be one of the die hard Apple Haters who would like to take down the Apple brand by fair means or foul.

  • Tim

    Can not access the video? Just curious how it blow up without catching fire. is there any high pressure device in that iphone?

  • bob jones

    This is complete BS just so you people know. It’s just a smashed phone, with a mark on his face that does not look like glass marks.
    There’s a reason this is not at the top of the breaking news after 2 days, people.

  • there’s a reason why people stick with “dumb”phones