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Xiaomi Concept phone with Flexible Display Leaks in Live Renders

by Jed John 6

Seems bendable smartphones are the future, considering the rate at which leaked renders of concept phones with flexible displays are being unveiled. Just recently, we got wind that Samsung had filed a patent for a foldable smartphone, not forgetting that Lenovo had teased a flexible smartphone just before the IFA Berlin 2016. We were even looking forward to the launch of the Lenovo flexible phone at IFA but that didn’t happen. OPPO had also in the past got into the fray of concept phones with flexible display. Now, what is likely a concept phone said to be developed by Xiaomi has leaked, showing the flexible display that bends in all direction.

Xiaomi concept phone

The Xiaomi concept phone was leaked on Baidu recently and was pictured in two separate renders. The phone uses flexible screen that can be bent upwards, downward, as well as to the left and right. The images don’t show sign of a Photoshopped render so may perhaps be authentic. Even at that, we cannot vouch for its authenticity and it is very unlikely that we would be seeing this device sometime soon. The problem with bendable display has always been its difficulty to mass produce and the cost effectiveness of the project. For now, we would just be content with the curved displays we have and would rather see phones with less bezels.

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Xiaomi flexible phoneHowever, the display looks stunning with a ultra high color output which is also very sharp and we hope the expected Mi Note 2 would boast of such display quality even though it isn’t expected with a flexible display.

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  • Rick

    Ridiculously unpractical.

    • Did you see the Kyocera kinetic flexible OLED phone?
      I could see me rocking something like that.
      Or just if anything… it will be more impact resistant.

      • Also… do you remember ‘slap bracelets’?
        You could wear something like this around your wrist.
        There’s also a concept where it’s basically a scroll/roll and you pull it out to extend a bigger screen. Samsung’s done a bunch of things like that. Not all are very practical, but some take it interesting ways…

  • Чубака Иванович

    Photo is totally fake. This hand cannot belong to human beings

  • Paul Sleight

    We’re still a long way from having a practical device like this simply because we can’t build the rest of the equipment necessary to make a functional phone small and thin enough. Batteries are a hot topic for example! I don’t know what the power requirements are for this technology, but I would assume that it is going to be similar to current screens which are the major factor in battery life at the moment.
    It would be pointless producing a lovely flexi – screen with a box attached to it for all the other stuff.
    Yes, there are some very small phones about, I have a watch phone for example, and there are several credit card sized phones, but the quality and functionality are way below that expected for a device which would have to be flagship premium quality to command the price necessary to recover the cost of investment.

    • bro-reac

      my thoughts exactly?