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Umi Plus Giveaway – Win A Free Smartphone From Gizmochina

by Shine Wong 49

umi plus giveaway

Gizmochina along with Umi Official is conducting a UMi Plus Giveaway to gift a brand new device to one of our lucky readers. Like always, you just have to follow the steps mentioned on the Gleam widget to get a chance to win this amazing smartphone.

Before we take a look at the specs of the UMi Plus, we would like to thank Umi official for providing this unit for Giveaway. UMi reveals that both Umi Plus and iPhone 7 makes use of similar technology to manufacture the chassis of these two phones but the proneness of iPhone 7’s Black version to scratches and abrasions gives Umi Plus an upper hand. Umi Plus is quite sturdy and does not use the glossy materials iPhone 7 is using.

Umi Plus makes use of 4000mAh battery cell from Sony whereas iPhone 7 comes with a 1960mAh battery and to compare these smartphones in terms of battery usage is quite pointless. In terms of RAM, iPhone 7 comes equipped with a 2GB RAM whereas Umi Plus comes equipped with a 4GB RAM but iOS and Android differ in memory usage. You would learn more from this Umi Plus official introducing video:

Just follow the steps mentioned in the Gleam widget to participate in the giveaway. Good luck!

Gizmochina Giveaway – Win A Free Umi Plus Phone

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    now this is what I was waiting for!!

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    The best smartphone. I love Umi Plus.

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    Another great giveaway, thanks!


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    I wish to win this handsome, premium-looking and badass smartphone! Thanks for the opportunity, gizmochina team!

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    Entered… hope to win this awesome phone!

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    Many Big thanks for the Incredible Giveaway. UMI+ has simply Spectacular specifications, so I just Love it. Wish to WIN.

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    PLEASE let me win this !
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  • Dejan

    I buy Umi Rome X to my wife, but Umi Plus… No chance to buy. 🙁

  • Love to win UMI phone ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Samir Hmdme

    is this giveaway open worldwide ? thanks

    • Yes, worldwide. Good luck!

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        When is Gizmochina going to announce the winner of this giveaway? Man, I’m dying here hehe.

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    Just you and me let’s rock

  • i hope to win again , one more free phone for me .

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    hope to get the phone 🙂

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    Thats Umi PLus …!!! And I feel Fantastic for the reveiws..!!! Thanks for the give away…!!!

  • Rahul Gopal

    Good Luck Yall

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    Wonderful giveaway. Thanks for this chance. Done all steps and hope to win an awesome gift.

  • Arefin

    I’ve been participating every giveaways I saw over past several years. But never won anything. I shall stop trying. This is my last try.

    • Stefano Icecuber

      i’ve got 17 entry… that’s 0.128% chance of winning 🙁

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    As all I also hope to win

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    Great giveaway, thanks! Cheers 🙂

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    Three days after that ask me my data to send. Optimism? but for supposed that if

  • Giorgio Scampini

    Only 2 days more to make it mine

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    big draw of a great smartphone, daily descent of this great giveaway

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    Actually I would like to win this umi plus, is that the more likely that not happen, but I would like to win it

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    84 mins to go! Good luck to us, everyone!

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    When are they going to announce the winner of this beautiful Umi phone?

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    as i know they never announced winner name till now


    Result please…

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    who won please?

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    i think i won because its my ticket and my name but what now?

    Micha R.

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    يارب يكون الفوز من حظي