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Xiaomi Reveals Concept Phone ‘MIX’: 6.4-inches of Pure Display Experience (91.1% Screen Proportion)

by Joe 28

With the Mi Note 2, Xiaomi showed that it is not behind competitors when it comes to using high-end premium technology on its smartphones. However, the company further wants to show its fans what a future smartphone could look like. Enter Xiaomi Mix, a concept smartphone that gives us a glimpse of how advanced technology can transform our future smartphone experience.

xiaomi mix

To be honest, we all have at least once imagined such a smartphone, but with the Xiaomi Mix, the company wants to show that a full-screen flagship with minimal bezels is really possible.

xiaomi mix concept

The Xiaomi Mix is 6.4-inches of pure awesome display experience. The phone boasts of 91.1% screen to body ratio, which means it can be compact despite its large display. In fact, the company says that with such high screen proportion the Mix’s size is very close to the iPhone 7 Plus! This means you get much better display experience around the same size as current 5.5-inch display smartphones.

xiaomi mix vs iphone 7 plus

However, with the display covering a majority of the body, there are some challenges that have to be overcome. For example, since the top is covered with display, where would you place the camera, ear piece and the proximity sensor?

So, the Xiaomi Mix will be using a cantilever piezoelectric ceramic technology which replaces the traditional ear piece. For proximity sensor, instead of a traditional infrared sensor, the phone will use a special ultrasonic sensor. And finally for the camera, the company says that the Mix could feature a camera at the bottom bezel, and you can rotate the phone to capture great selfies. Further, to increase the screen area, the company will be using virtual keys with 17:9 custom display.

xiaomi mix concept phone

As for the body, the Xiaomi Mix will be using a 3D Ceramic cover. Yes, similar to the Mi 5 Pro edition which they couldn’t mass produce in required quantities. Xiaomi further revealed that this design was conceptualized by Mr. Philippe Starck, the popular French designer known for his amazing designs.

The Xiaomi Mix will feature Snapdragon 821 chipset with 6GB RAM and 128GB / 256GB storage options. There will be a 6.4-inch display along with other features such as SAP assisted GPS, HD audio processor (192 KHz / 24 bit) and a large 4400mAh battery. At the back, there will be a 16MP sensor. Further, the exclusive 6GB + 128GB edition gets 18K gold plated rings around the camera and the fingerprint sensor. There’s a 299 Yuan gift included in the box —  a premium leather cover.

And now for the price, the Xiaomi Mix 6GB +128GB will retail at 3499 Yuan (6GB + 128GB ~ $516) and 3999 Yuan (6GB + 256GB ~ $590).

Surprisingly, the Xiaomi Mix is indeed real and will go on sale real soon!

The Xiaomi Mix 3499 Yuan edition will go on sale on November 4. Reservations for the sale start today!


You can now check out the Xiaomi Mix Hands on images from here.



We already seem to have got our first look at the Xiaomi Mix in real life, thanks to a new leak! Is this the phone Lei Jun talked about?

xiaomi mix real

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  • هادي خآن


    • princetom

      Jaw dropping.

  • vark

    That could get my money if the screen is NOT full HD but QHD or 4K OLED and it has 8GB RAM. 6.4 inch might be bit too much, I would be happy with a bezeless 6 incher like this.

    • Riccardo Benzoni

      yeah, let’s put 8k, so SoC will struggle even to render a web page and battery will die after 1 hour of screen time!

    • Raky_b

      buy a Sharp Aquos Xx (2015 model) with 5,7′ or Cristal, with 5 inch screen (2014 model) if you like design, and don’t care for lower spec 😉

    • aryacebe

      4k for smartphone is overkill for human eyes, 2k60fps maximum, 1080p60fps optimum

      • vasras

        Not for VR…
        Also, 1080p at 6 inch aand with 91% screen to body ratio, is screaming for “look at the pixels”….
        Yes, smartphone design is the art of a compromise and they compromised on the screen.

  • PietroSoft

    That looks incredible… the leaks of the phone without borders where real…

  • SohyeFan729

    fuck xiaomi kicked today all APPLE lovers asses! this phone is the next big step after the first iphone for future phones..
    lets see how well the earpiece and tghe ultrasonice sonic aproximity sensor works.
    what display are they using by the way?

    • randominternetperson

      This phone is seriously next level

    • yoloswagzoor

      calm down, it’s only smartphones…

    • Raky_b

      dude, just google for sharp phones…. this is nothing new.
      only 2 years newer technology, but same design.
      and guess what, Sharp did not change nothing with this “revolutionary” design, so neather will Xiaomi.

      but yeah, for this big enthusiasm, you will probably get a flag in Miui forum, maybe even a badge and little more salami in your today’s sandwich.

      • Assefa Hanson

        but since when has “newness” been grounds for something ground breaking nearly all of apples “innovations” were technologies far older than 2 years e.g the fingerprint scanner and they just implemented it differently all other brands wasnt revolutionary with their fingerprints before so your logic is diseased stop with that if i fail everyone else will fail logic

        plus xiaomi improved upon what sharp did they went as far as making the proximity sensor be based on ultrasonic technology somthing the aquous crystal never had a 50% smaller camera sensor at the front and they beat them to the screen to body ratio record no phone in the world has such a high ratio

        all thats left is if the could use ultrasonic technologies on cameras next bats are already doing it to see objects if cameras could do that we would have less problems with lowlight pictures

        • SohyeFan729

          the thing is the sharp phones by far didnt have this screen to badio ratio if i remeber they were at 81% which makes them maybe better than the average phone.. also its also the sound speaker in the mi mix is completely new in a smartphone..
          apple lets not talk about them because anyone knows who buys apple they can do anything well but calling someone..
          if you look at the smartphones since the first iphone nothing changed much yes some materials etc but in the end it was always the same front cam in the top with proximity sensor and speaker grills.. and this is where mi mix is groundbraking .. sharp just put it all at the bottom which made that bezel even more huge and was incovenient for talking on the phone..
          the reason why its groundbreaking kis because xiaomi is a million seller and now that xiaomi has done many other will follow and probably more look like this in the future than the first iphone

    • Assefa Hanson

      it wont matter because if apple makes a phone like this next year in september people will still say xiaomi copied apple thats how strong the apple cult is

  • Robert Johnson

    The Xiaomi Mix seems to be a well designed phone. I hope to buy one and review it.

    • goodwill

      MKHD got a unit. He’ll be reviewing it soon.

      Edit: It’s already up on youtube. haha

  • SohyeFan729

    i searched everywhere and i cant find what DISPLAY they use i guess they will only use FHD if it was QHD they would definitely advertise it…….

    • goodwill

      Kim sohye fan? high five!!! haha

  • Saku

    Boom, Xiaomi is now entering elite levels! Congrats to them.

  • princetom

    Where is yasir?

    • Assefa Hanson

      he said it was fake? i want to ask where is max power he was saying he is gonna get the axon 7 and he doesnt see anything worthy from other brands like xiaomi but then gain he was complaining about 4g bands

  • bro-reac

    I can see the Sharp Aquos in this concept.
    I think it will be awkward to use at first untill we get used to it.

  • As promised, Xiaomi did indeed surprise. Nobody saw this coming. Its really a gorgeous phone and really nice concept.

  • Guaire

    Jawdropping design, but camera pair on the paper is crap. Small sensors, small apertures, no OIS.

    Cheapest Xiaomi flagship has best camera, while most expensive one has the worst.

  • Smart Mobile Phones

    New sharp phone?

  • Rick

    That’s how from a follower you become a leader. Good job Xiaomi!

  • androidbrick

    I did not liked Xiaomi.. Till today !