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New Samsung Galaxy S8 Renders: Curved Display and No Home Button

by Habeeb Onawole 2

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2017. According to leaks and rumors, the Galaxy S8 will get a new design and be available in two sizes. Both will have dual-curved displays instead of the usual tradition of one flat-screen phone and a curved variant. It will also not feature a physical home button.

Galaxy S8 Render

A Weibo user @KingwayLee uploaded renders of what he thinks Samsung’s next flagship will look like. In his renders, the Galaxy S8 looks appears to be a little thinner than the S7 Edge. The lower bezel that should house the home button is now smaller as well and instead has a square capacitive key. But we doubt that a fingerprint scanner, even an under-glass one will be able to fit there.

The render also shows the S8 with a single rear camera. We don’t have a problem with that as the S7 Edge and Google’s Pixel phones which all have single rear cameras take superb shots, but we’d love to see what Samsung’s dual cameras are like.

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KingwayLee has however omitted putting a speaker on his renders and an audio jack. Rumors flying round already mentioned that Samsung will be removing the beloved audio jack, joining the ranks of LeEco, Moto, and Apple.

Galaxy S8 Render Galaxy S8 Render Galaxy S8 Render Galaxy S8 Render Galaxy S8 Render

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  • Wolvie

    Does it still come bundle/combo with a big size fire extinguisher ?

  • Lou Burgin

    Samsung might delaying the galaxy S8,because it might be like the Note 7 saga,trying to make the phone to slim,and not enough space for the air to get round the battery and keep it cool,so the battery swells up and the explodes,how can Samsung produce it budget phones with no battery saga but its supposed to be Premium phones having battery problems,it seems very odd indeed