The first Meego smartphone from Jolla will available in China

by Rosgani 0

Jolla Mobile, a company that dedicates itself to Meego-based smartphone has just reached a trade agreement with China’s retail company, D.Phone. This indicates that the operating system left by Nokia is still preferred by consumers.

Jolla Mobile itself is a company founded by former employees of Nokia. And, some of which are those directly involved in the project’s Meego Nokia.

“China is the most widespread smartphone market with a very rapid development in the world,” said chairman Jolla Mobile, Antti Saarnio. He further said that the signing of cooperation with D.Phone as a positive step for his company.

D.Phone itself is one of the mobile phone retailer and the largest in China. The company has more than 2000 stores spread all over China.

Meego itself is a Linux-based OS that was once developed by Nokia. And, a company based in Finland also had issue-based mobile Meego, the Nokia N9. And, the launch of the mobile phone is seen by many as one form of failure of Nokia. And, at some time ago, Nokia had officially been cut off cooperation in the development of Meego OS.