Apple removed YouTube in iOS 6

by Rosgani 0

Apple is developing the next iOS thats called iOS 6, many changes were made by Apple in the iOS 6. Apple, as you know, is in a “thermonuclear” war, of sorts, against Android. While they haven’t been attacking Google and Android directly Apple has been going at some of Google’s biggest OEM partners, Samsung being the absolute biggest.

We heard few rumors about the capability in iOS 6 is the integration social networks like Facebook with the App Store, Apple will have own maps, and much more. Well, there is another news that Apple will removed Youtube in iOS 6 .

Their YouTube license ran out and they weren’t going to renew it. It still sounds shady in that regard, no? Well Apple went on to explain that Google was in the process of making its own YouTube app and that it would eventually be available in the App Store.

This just became a lot less interesting (and relevant) for us Android folks. Not only does it not have anything to do with Apple’s animosity toward Android, it’s actually the better route for them to take considering how crappy iOS’s current YouTube app is.

Google can create the experience they envisioned this way, and users can enjoy timely updates instead of Apple just letting it sit there like the piece of trash it is. And since iOS 6 is still in beta form practically no one is affected yet.

If you decided to install the beta build then that’s on you, not Apple. Consumer releases have been untouched and will probably remain so until Google releases its own app. Now let’s get back to your regularly scheduled programming, folks, because there’s pretty much nothing to see here.