Three Baidu employees jailed cause removing post on web-forum

by Rosgani 0

Be careful if you are working on an Internet forum. You could be “stay” in jail due to behavior that is considered wrong by the company. It was performed by four Baidu employees which, Baidu is the largest search engine site in China.

Baidu found that four employees had to remove the existing posts in the Baidu’s forum. They also considered that the removal of these posts is a great offense. As a result, the four employees are forced to lost their job and even three of them have languished in jail.

Baidu spokesman said that such actions could not be tolerated. To remove a posting on the forum Baidu, requires quite complex and have to do few procedure. Unfortunately, Baidu does not explain what the post is removed by the workers.

Removal Baidu posts in this forum is not the first. However, the incidence of this time is quite a lesson since Baidu involve the police. Baidu hopes that the incident does not happen again.