Onda announced its dual-core tablet will upgrade to Android 4.1 OS

by Rosgani 1

Android 4.1 is Google’s latest operating system, compared to the previous generation operating system on the system performance and operating experience has been significantly improved. Onda electronics in recent days on its the “dual-core series” Following its A10 tablet will be the first to upgrade the Android 4.1 system.

The user who has Oanda tablet Vi40 dual-core version, Vi30 dual-core version, Vi30W dual-core version and V711 dual-core version can be upgrade to Android 4.1 system. Currently, Onda ‘s Android 4.1 firmware ongoing rigorous testing and improvement, and will soon be officially released, so stay tuned!

The Onda dual-core tablet comprehensive upgrade of the Android 4.1 System Overview:

An operating system, the overall performance enhancements:
The the Onda dual-core tablet upgrade to Android 4.1 system also known as the Jelly Bean is the latest release of Google’s smartphone operating platforms. Jelly Bean is not a small improvement for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) system, of which there are many users exciting new features. Onda dual-core tablet upgrade the Android 4.1 system will further strengthen, smooth and comprehensively improve the user experience.

Android 4.1 version system using the new processing architecture, system optimization, better to play a more robust performance.

Android 4.1 version system effects animation frame rate increased to 60fps, will also optimize the touch of the best performance and low latency, to provide more fluid, intuitive user interface.

In order to ensure consistent frame rate, the Android 4.1 version of the Android framework all the graphics and animation will be unified VSYNC timing, rendering application, touch events, picture composition, the refresh operation will be locked in the 16 ms response, all frames are no advance or backward.

The Android 4.1 new triple video buffer technology, rendering feel more smooth. In addition, the CPU is idle to allocate more processing capacity to respond to touch events, to ensure that the touch without delay.

Second, the user interface more human:

Android 4.1 when the initial boot, the system will bring more user-friendly new boot welcome screen;

Upgrade the Android 4.1 version, that will change the cool new boot animation interface of Chinese fonts were bold, showing more clearly. UI design is also optimized for outstanding Holo style and rasterization.

Simplification and harmonization task navigation, increasing the variety of display mode conversion (the normal interface, night mode, full screen mode). Set some of the elements and also the corresponding function has been improved.

Dynamic wallpaper selection, program selection pop-up menu appears to be more concise and intuitive icon, cellular form; and the new dialog box Holo Light color, milky white background for the operation becomes very elegant.

More rich and smooth transition animations, bringing Android is by far the most perfect, seamless experience.

New corrugated unlock interface, bright screen unlock prompt the ring will automatically show the proliferation of virtual points of the ripple effect; touch mobile, unlock ring into a set of lattice tracking feedback effects.

Notification system for a number of improvements:

The UI of the notification system, some changes will overwrite the original status bar displays the time and date display of the status bar is more reasonable and beauty: to expand the status bar drop-down, the right of the notification bar empty the button to become more Holo taste and so on.

Using three different notification style in the new system, the maximum can reach 256dp to display more information; and the new version notification prompted the original information, allowing for quick access on the basis of a more interactive operations.

A new notification is displayed, before the old notification will be automatically resumed for the simple style. By double-finger gestures, you can expand and recover the notification bar to expand the region in order to see more information. In addition, Jelly Bean new application “Display a notification switch, you can close the unwanted application notice and push messages.

Fourth, Widgets plug-in is more reasonable:

Widgets Tab, the new Launcher the program screen to preview plug-in to add a gray rectangular background is even more neat; can adjust the size of the plug-in, increasing the grid of the dark gray box, suggesting that it supports a variety of adjustable.

The new Desktop plug-ins will be based on the orientation and position of the user drag and drop, automatically by the Widgets plug-in interface to adjust the size to fit the screen layout.

To adjust the plug-in size, can see the size prompt box driving force for the ICS diamond into a round, more mellow.

Easter-egg interaction:

Google has always been no shortage of that with a little creativity and a little naughty, can be seen from the Google web search easter-egg, Android built eggs users relish small topic. The Google Jelly Bean, had long antennae but very cute jelly beans. The hidden eggs before each version is exactly the same, only enter the “System Settings”, then click “About phone” and tapping rapidly n the Android software version.